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BackgroundWe performed a post-hoc subgroup analysis in Korean women who participated in the Phase III FER-ASAP (FERric carboxymaltose-Assessment of SAfety and efficacy in Pregnancy) study to compare the efficacy and safety of ferric carboxymaltose (FCM) with oral ferrous sulfate (FS).MethodsPregnant Korean women (gestational weeks 16–33) with iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) were randomized 1:1 to FCM (n = 46; 1000–1500 mg iron) or FS (n = 44; 200 mg iron/day) group for 12 weeks. The primary ...

Known for Ferric Carboxymaltose |  Deficiency Anemia |  Efficacy Safety |  Ida Pregnancy |  Intravenous Administration
KOL Index score: 7034

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the usefulness and accuracy of a simple method of predicting fetal weight by measuring fetal thigh volume with three-dimensional ultrasonography.

METHODS: In 84 pregnant women, fetuses without structural or chromosomal anomalies were studied prospectively and cross-sectionally. Biparietal diameter (BPD), abdominal circumference (AC), and femur length (FL) were measured by two-dimensional ultrasound. Fetal thigh volume was measured by three-dimensional ultrasound, ...

Known for Fetal Weight |  Thigh Volume |  Threedimensional Ultrasound |  Abdominal Circumference |  Femur Length
KOL Index score: 5871

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the role of vaginal infection in preterm delivery, we studied characteristics of vaginal discharge related to hydrogen peroxide-producing Lactobacilli.

METHODS: Vaginal specimens were obtained from 66 women with normal pregnancy and 30 women with preterm labor with intact membranes. pH, leukocyte counts on wet smear, and scores by Nugent criteria on Gram stain were measured. Lactobacilli were tested for their production of hydrogen peroxide.

RESULTS: Leukocyte ...

Known for Vaginal Flora |  Hydrogen Peroxide |  Pregnant Women |  Obstetric Labor |  Preterm Delivery
KOL Index score: 5224

The South Korean Twin Registry (SKTR) is an ongoing nation-wide volunteer registry of South Korean twins and their families, which was established in the year 2001 to understand genetic and environmental etiologies of psychological and physical traits among South Koreans. Recently, the SKTR sampling has been extended in two important ways. First, we began to recruit twins from lower socio-economic families to study interaction effects of gene by environmental context. Second, as a ...

Known for South Korean |  Twin Registry |  Zygosity Assessment |  Parallel Study |  Gene Environment
KOL Index score: 5139

OBJECTIVE: To estimate the risk of neonatal thrombocytopenia in infants born to mothers with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

METHODS: During the years 1993-1997, there were 6,082 deliveries. There were 32 infants born to 31 mothers with ITP. Cordocentesis was performed between 34 and 41 weeks of gestation in 16 mothers with ITP. The cord blood platelet count was checked in all cases at delivery.

RESULTS: In mothers with ITP, 5 neonates (15.6%) had mild thrombocytopenia and 7 ...

Known for Thrombocytopenic Purpura |  Neonatal Risk |  Thrombocytopenia Pregnancy |  Pregnant Women |  Obstetric Indications
KOL Index score: 5007

Using the South Korean national live birth data for the years 2003 to 2007, monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic (DZ) twin birth rates were estimated and analyzed by maternal age, and parents of twins and those of singletons were compared in their level of education. During this period, while the MZ twin birth rate showed no change, the DZ twin birth rate increased up to 9.4 pairs per thousand births. This rate is close to five times as high as the natural DZ twinning rate in the South Korean ...

Known for Twin Birth |  South Korean |  Assisted Reproductive Technology |  Dizygotic Dz |  Monozygotic Mz
KOL Index score: 4292

Abstract Two multiple pregnancies with delayed delivery after expulsion of dead fetus are presented. Case 1: A woman with a twin pregnancy and one intrauterine fetal death at 20 weeks’ gestation delivered a dead fetus at 27 weeks’ gestation. She delivered a healthy male infant weighing 2430 g at 33 weeks’ gestation (42 d after the delivery of the first twin). Case 2: A woman with quadruplets pregnancy (2 live fetuses, one empty sac, and one fetocide at 7 weeks’ gestation) got a ...

Known for Multiple Gestations |  Delayed Interval Delivery |  Premature Pregnancy Pregnancy |  Fetal Death |  Weeks Gestation
KOL Index score: 3938

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the incidence, associated anomalies, and the type of congenital urinary tract anomaly and to know the cause of congenital hydronephrosis.

METHODS: In 4.5 years, 5,442 fetuses had ultrasonography and 48 cases of fetal urinary tract anomaly were detected. Ultrasonogram was done after delivery with further examination as necessary.

RESULTS: The incidence of all types of anomaly was 4.3% (236/5,442) and the incidence of urinary tract anomaly was 0.9% (48/5,442, ...

Known for Urinary Tract |  Vesicoureteral Reflux |  Cases Fetal |  Ultrasonography Prenatal |  Gestational Age
KOL Index score: 3768

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of our study was to investigate the effect of the mode of delivery on the oxidant and antioxidant system in umbilical cord blood.

METHODS: We performed gas analysis of umbilical venous blood and umbilical arterial blood immediately after delivery in 38 women; eighteen women had a vaginal delivery while 20 women delivered via cesarean section at over 37 weeks gestation. We examined lipid peroxide concentration by thiobarbituric acid reaction, protein carbonyl ...

Known for Vaginal Delivery |  Oxidative Stress |  Cord Blood |  Umbilical Venous |  Total Antioxidant
KOL Index score: 3318

Hydatidiform mole with a coexistent fetus is rare, but this condition has recently shown an increased incidence because of assisted reproduction technology. Herein, we report on a case of triplet pregnancy with a partial hydatidiform mole coexisting with two fetuses. It was diagnosed by p57(kip2) immunohistochemical staining which is helpful in determining histologically equivocal cases. After termination of pregnancy, the patient was diagnosed with persistent gestational trophoblastic ...

Known for Hydatidiform Mole |  Triplet Pregnancy |  Rare Condition |  Human Chorionic |  Trophoblastic Disease
KOL Index score: 2900

Fetal cystic hygroma is a rare developmental congenital anomaly of the lymphatic system, characterized by the formation of a multilocular, variable sized cystic mass. Most of cystic hygromas are found in the neck and other rare locations include axilla, mediastinum, and limbs. There are many papers about cystic hygroma colli, but there are only a few papers about fetal axillary cystic hygroma and no domestic papers. We present a case of fetal axillary cystic hygroma diagnosed antenatally ...

Known for Cystic Hygroma |  Fetal Axillary |  Newborn Lymphangioma |  Ultrasonography Prenatal
KOL Index score: 2880

Although congenital renal tumors are rare, congenital mesoblastic nephroma (CMN) is the most common renal tumor in early infancy. It is non-metastatic, well differentiated, amenable to surgical removal, and carries a good prognosis. Polyhydramnios has been detected in most of the published cases of CMN. However, we experienced a rare case of fetal CMN associated with oligohydramnios. A 28-yr old woman at 34 weeks of gestation was referred to our hospital for oligohydramnios and a fetal ...

Known for Mesoblastic Nephroma |  Fetal Congenital |  Emergency Cesarean |  Gestation Hospital |  Kidney Neoplasms
KOL Index score: 2567

Precipitous delivery may lead to serious maternal and neonatal complications. Uterine artery pseudoaneurysm (UAP) is one of the causes of delayed postpartum hemorrhage. Here we describe 3 cases of UAP manifesting as delayed postpartum hemorrhage after precipitous delivery. The duration of the second stage of labor in cases 1, 2, and 3 was 15, 15, and 60 min, respectively. Excessive vaginal bleeding occurred 10, 9, and 31 days after delivery, respectively. Ultrasonogram and pelvic ...

Known for Postpartum Hemorrhage |  Uterine Artery |  False Delivery |  Obstetric Female |  Adult Aneurysm
KOL Index score: 2327

Maternal septic shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) following amniocentesis is a relatively rare condition, and its incidence is only 0.03 approximately 0.19%. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) associated with DIC is also rare. We report here on a 40-year-old female patient who had septic shock and DIC that was complicated by AMI following amniocentesis. The possible mechanism of AMI in this patient may have been coronary artery thrombosis associated with DIC.

Known for Intravascular Coagulation |  Myocardial Infarction |  Adult Amniocentesis
KOL Index score: 2245

The purpose of this study was to determine if mild hypoxia alters the responsiveness to vasoactive agents in the renal and the femoral arteries in the fetal sheep. Ten pregnant sheep were operated under halothane anesthesia at 116 to 124 days' gestation. A maternal tracheal catheter was placed for infusing compressed air (control group, n=5) or nitrogen (hypoxia group, n=5) starting on post operative day 6 and maintained for 5 days. Femoral and renal arteries were harvested from the ...

Known for Chronic Hypoxia |  Femoral Artery |  Fetal Sheep |  Maximal Response |  Day 6


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korea twins #30
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zygosity assessment #53
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maltose pregnancy #82
registry south #86
safety ferric #87

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