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Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Top KOLs in the world

Frans G Zitman #1
Frans G Zitman
Department of Psychiatry, Leiden University Medical Centre,
Known for Netherlands Study |  Depressive Symptoms |  Routine Outcome Monitoring |  Anxiety Disorders |  Dispositional Optimism
Robert J Teunisse #2
Robert J Teunisse
Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Nijmegen, P.O.
Known for Visual Hallucinations |  Psychogeriatric Nursing |  Severe Dementia |  Charles Bonnet Syndrome |  Elderly Subjects

Johan R M Cruysberg #3
Johan R M Cruysberg
Department of Ophthalmology, University Medical Centre Nijme
Known for Marfan Syndrome |  Lower Eyelid |  Antioxidant Intake |  Col11a1 Gene |  Ectopia Lentis
Peter V Rabins #4
Peter V Rabins
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Mary
Known for Assisted Living |  Neuropsychiatric Symptoms |  Mental Health |  Alzheimer Disease |  Advanced Dementia
G Jayakrishna Menon #5
G Jayakrishna Menon
Department of Ophthalmology, Royal Eye Infirmary, Plymouth,
Known for Latent Heat |  Tear Film |  Ocular Comfort |  Complex Visual Hallucinations |  Visual Fields
Willibrord H L Hoefnagels #6
Willibrord H L Hoefnagels
Department of Geriatrics, Radboud University Nijmegen Medica
Known for Heart Failure |  Occupational Therapy |  Blood Pressure |  Cognitive Function |  Elderly Subjects
Imran Rahman #7
Imran Rahman
Royal Manchester Eye Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom |
Known for Orbital Exenteration |  Posterior Capsule |  Complex Visual Hallucinations |  Cataract Extraction |  Globe Injuries
Gordon Neale Dutton #8
Gordon Neale Dutton
Ophtalmologie, université de Glasgow, Glasgow, Royaume-Uni |
Known for Insight Inventory |  Optic Nerve |  Ocular Hypertension |  Midfacial Fractures |  Visual Acuity
Sharmila J Menon #9
Sharmila J Menon
Department of Psychiatry, Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth, Un
Known for Patients Unreality |  Visual Experiences |  Social Isolation
A L M Verbeek #10
A L M Verbeek
1 Department for Health Evidence, Radboud Institute for Heal
Known for Muscle Cramps |  Mammographic Screening |  Spina Bifida |  Occupational Exposure |  Breast Cancer


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