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Conservative kidney management (CKM) is recognised as an alternative to dialysis for a significant number of older adults with multimorbid stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD5). However, little is known about the way CKM is delivered or how it is perceived.


To determine the practice patterns for the CKM of older patients with CKD5, to inform service ...

Conocido por Renal Units |  ckm dialysis |  patients ckd5 |  conservative kidney management |  chronic kidney
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BACKGROUND: Evidence for the effectiveness of vitiligo treatments is limited.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the effectiveness of (i) handheld narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) and (ii) a combination of potent topical corticosteroid (TCS) and NB-UVB, compared with TCS alone, for localized vitiligo.

METHODS: A pragmatic, three-arm, placebo-controlled randomized controlled trial (9-month treatment, 12-month follow-up). Adults and children, recruited from secondary care and the community, aged ≥ 5 years ...

Conocido por Topical Corticosteroid |  combination treatment tcs |  vitiligo trial |  treatment success |  randomized controlled
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BACKGROUND: Non-pharmaceutical public health interventions may provide simple, low-cost, effective ways of minimising the transmission and impact of acute respiratory infections in pandemic and non-pandemic contexts. Understanding what influences the uptake of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as hand and respiratory hygiene, mask wearing and social distancing could help to inform the development of effective public health advice messages. The aim of this synthesis was to explore ...

Conocido por Pharmaceutical Interventions |  public perceptions |  qualitative studies |  respiratory infection |  practice humans influenza
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AIM: To explore parents and carers' experiences of barriers and facilitators to treatment adherence in childhood eczema

BACKGROUND: Childhood eczema is common and causes significant impact on quality of life for children and their families, particularly due to sleep disturbance and itch. Non-adherence to application of topical treatments is the main cause of treatment failure.

DESIGN: Qualitative interview study.

METHODS: Qualitative interviews were carried out with 31 carers from 28 ...

Conocido por Treatment Adherence |  childhood eczema |  qualitative study |  children families |  barriers facilitators
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BACKGROUND: Eczema is a common childhood inflammatory skin condition, affecting more than one in five children. A popular perception is that children 'outgrow eczema', although epidemiological studies have shown that, for many, eczema follows a lifelong episodic course.

OBJECTIVES: To explore the perceptions of young people about the nature of their eczema and how these perceptions relate to their self-care and adapting to living with eczema.

METHODS: This is a secondary inductive ...

Conocido por Young People |  qualitative exploration |  child eczema |  term condition |  23 participants
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BACKGROUND: Heavy menstrual bleeding is a common symptom amongst women of reproductive age, yet questions remain about why some women experience this as a problem while others do not. We investigated the concerns of women who reported heavy menstrual bleeding on questionnaire.

METHODS: A cross-sectional postal survey and qualitative interviews were carried out amongst a community-based sample of women in Lothian, Scotland. 906 women aged 25 to 44 reported heavy or very heavy periods in ...

Conocido por Menstrual Symptoms |  qualitative study |  women heavy periods |  psychological surveys |  life illness
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BACKGROUND: Economic evidence for vitiligo treatments is absent.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the cost-effectiveness of (i) handheld narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) and (ii) a combination of topical corticosteroid (TCS) and NB-UVB compared with TCS alone for localized vitiligo.

METHODS: Cost-effectiveness analysis alongside a pragmatic, three-arm, placebo-controlled randomized controlled trial with 9 months' treatment. In total 517 adults and children (aged ≥ 5 years) with active vitiligo ...

Conocido por Hi‐light Vitiligo Trial |  combination treatment |  narrowband ultraviolet |  nbuvb tcs |  randomized controlled
KOL Index score: 10427

BACKGROUND: Childhood eczema, or childhood atopic dermatitis, causes significant distress to children and their families through sleep disturbance and itch. The main cause of treatment failure is nonuse of prescribed treatments.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to develop and test a Web-based intervention to support families of children with eczema, and to explore whether support from a health care professional (HCP) is necessary to engage participants with the ...

Conocido por Participants Website |  children eczema |  controlled trial |  qualitative interviews |  intervention support
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BACKGROUND: High-volume prescribing of antibiotics in primary care is a major driver of antibiotic resistance. Education of physicians and patients can lower prescribing levels, but it frequently relies on highly trained staff. We assessed whether internet-based training methods could alter prescribing practices in multiple health-care systems.

METHODS: After a baseline audit in October to December, 2010, primary-care practices in six European countries were cluster randomised to usual ...

Conocido por Tract Infections |  prescribing rate |  crp training |  antibiotic resistance |  controlled trial
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OBJECTIVE: To inform the development of a core outcome set for eczema by engaging with people with eczema and parents of children with eczema to understand their experiences and understanding of the concept 'eczema control'.

DESIGN: 37 participants took part in a total of six semi-structured online focus groups held in a typed chatroom with 5-7 participants per group. Three groups involved adults with eczema and three groups involved parents of children with eczema. Framework analysis ...

Conocido por Eczema Control |  qualitative study |  focus groups |  core outcome |  social media
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BACKGROUND: Childhood eczema is very common and can have substantial impact on quality of life. One of the main treatments is topical corticosteroids, but these are often underused by parents and carers for reasons that include concerns about safety.

OBJECTIVES: To explore understandings and concerns about topical corticosteroids among parents and carers of children with eczema who had posted messages in online forums.

METHODS: A qualitative study of messages and their resultant ...

Conocido por Topical Corticosteroids |  childhood eczema |  online discussion forums |  parents carers |  qualitative study
KOL Index score: 9598

BACKGROUND: Childhood eczema causes significant impact on quality of life for some families, yet non-concordance with treatment is common.

AIM: To explore parents' and carers' views of childhood eczema and its treatment.

DESIGN AND SETTING: Qualitative interview study in primary care in the south of England.

METHOD: Carers of children aged ≤5 years with a recorded diagnosis of eczema, who reported that eczema was still a problem, were invited to participate. Thirty-one parents were ...

Conocido por Childhood Eczema |  qualitative study |  parents carers |  health personnel attitude |  28 families
KOL Index score: 9159

OBJECTIVE: Leave-on emollients form the mainstay of eczema treatment, but adherence is poor. We aimed to explore parents'/carers' views on effectiveness and acceptability of leave-on emollients for childhood eczema through secondary analysis of data from 2 qualitative data sets.

SETTING: Study 1 recruited through mail-out from 6 general practices in southern England. Study 2 recruited from a feasibility trial of an intervention to support eczema self-care in 31 practices in the same ...

Conocido por Childhood Eczema |  leaveon emollients |  interview study |  parents carers |  children aged
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INTRODUCTION: Eczema care requires management of triggers and various treatments. We developed two online behavioural interventions to support eczema care called ECO (Eczema Care Online) for young people and ECO for families. This protocol describes two randomised controlled trials (RCTs) aimed to evaluate clinical and cost-effectiveness of the two interventions. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: Design: Two independent, pragmatic, unmasked, parallel group RCTs with internal pilots and nested health ...

Conocido por Young People |  eco eczema |  randomised controlled trials |  parents carers |  online intervention
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PURPOSE: C-reactive-protein (CRP) is useful for diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections (RTIs). A large international trial documented that Internet-based training in CRP point-of-care testing, in enhanced communication skills, or both reduced antibiotic prescribing at 3 months, with risk ratios (RRs) of 0.68, 0.53, 0.38, respectively. We report the longer-term impact in this trial.

METHODS: A total of 246 general practices in 6 countries were cluster-randomized to usual care, ...

Conocido por Antibiotic Prescribing |  respiratory tract |  communication training |  12 months |  point testing

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