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OBJECTIVE: To examine smoking patterns, smoking initiation, and the relationship of sports participation and age at smoking initiation to regular and heavy smoking among adolescents.

DESIGN: Survey.

PARTICIPANTS: A nationally representative sample of US high school students.

OUTCOME MEASURES: Prevalences of smoking patterns, prevalence and incidence of smoking initiation, and prevalences and odds of regular and heavy smoking in relation to sports participation and age at smoking ...

Known for Smoking Initiation |  Sports Participation |  School Students |  Age 12 Years |  Nicotine Addiction
KOL Index score: 11259

OBJECTIVE: To examine whether sociodemographic factors and health risk and problem behaviors explain the prevalence of cigarette smoking among US adolescents.

DESIGN: Probability survey.

PARTICIPANTS: A nationally representative sample of US adolescents.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Weighted prevalence, adjusted odds ratio (OR), and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for current smoking status by health risk and problem behaviors.

RESULTS: The prevalence of smoking was highest among adolescents ...

Known for Cigarette Smoking |  Problem Behaviors |  Binge Drinking |  Sociodemographic Factors |  Adolescent Behavior
KOL Index score: 10591

Background: Lower rates of invasive cardiac procedures have been reported for blacks and women than for white men. However, few studies have adjusted for differences in the type of hospital of admission, insurance status, and disease severity.Setting, Design, and Participants: Data from the National Hospital Discharge Survey were used to investigate race and sex differences in rates of cardiac catheterization, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, and coronary artery bypass ...

Known for Invasive Cardiac Procedures |  Race Sex Differences |  Hospital Admission |  White Women |  Cardiac Catheterization
KOL Index score: 10045

To investigate historical trends of cigarette smoking among Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and Puerto Rican-Americans, we conducted a birth cohort analysis of smoking prevalence by using smoking histories of 8286 adults and adolescents from the 1982-1983 Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. We constructed smoking prevalence curves for men and women among successive ten-year birth cohorts. Birth cohort-specific prevalence rates were higher for men than for women. Rates, ...

Known for Cigarette Smoking |  United States |  Birth Cohort |  Hispanic Women |  Male Mexico
KOL Index score: 9975

BACKGROUND: The present study was designed to compare risk factor prevalences in coronary heart disease deaths in persons dying within 1 hour of onset of cardiovascular symptoms (sudden coronary death), those dying without such sudden symptoms (nonsudden coronary death), and those with unknown duration of symptoms before death (other coronary death).

METHODS AND RESULTS: Data from the 1986 National Mortality Followback Survey and the US Bureau of the Census were examined to assess death ...

Known for United States |  Sudden Coronary Death |  Cardiac Diabetes |  Coronary Disease |  Mortality Rates
KOL Index score: 8609

Although multiple studies support a causal relationship between smoking and peptic ulcers in men, data for women are limited. Therefore, we used data from the First National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Epidemiologic Follow-up Study, a nationally representative prospective study of US adults, to evaluate the impact of smoking on the incidence of peptic ulcers in women. The study cohort included 2851 women who had not been diagnosed as having a peptic ulcer prior to the ...

Known for Peptic Ulcer |  United States |  Smoking Risk |  Sex Factors |  Regular Aspirin
KOL Index score: 8241

We assessed rates and trends in safety belt use by presence and type of safety belt law using data from states participating in the 1984-1989 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. State(s) with a safety belt law allowing law enforcement officers to stop vehicles for occupants' failure to use safety belts (primary enforcement law) had greater and more rapid increases in safety belt use rates than did states with laws requiring that vehicles must first be stopped for some other ...

Known for Safety Belt |  United States |  Law Enforcement |  Humans Seat |  Factor Surveillance
KOL Index score: 8231

OBJECTIVES: To assess long-term trends in cigarette smoking according to the combined influence of sex and education, this study examined smoking prevalence in successive US birth cohorts.

METHODS: Data from nationally representative surveys were examined to assess smoking prevalence for six successive 10-year birth cohorts stratified by race or ethnicity, sex, and educational attainment.

RESULTS: Substantial declines in smoking prevalence were found among men who had a high school ...

Known for Smoking Prevalence |  Birth Cohorts |  Race Ethnicity |  School Education |  Sex Factors
KOL Index score: 7546

Cigarette smoking initiation greatly influences smoking prevalence in the United States. To understand better the initiation of cigarette smoking, we estimated the age-specific incidence of cigarette smoking initiation in relation to race/ethnicity, sex, and educational attainment, using the reported age at smoking onset for 18- to 35-year-old respondents in the 1987 National Health Interview Survey (N = 14 764) and the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (N = 3123) ...

Known for Smoking Initiation |  United States |  Sociodemographic Characteristics |  Educational Attainment |  School Education


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Concept World rank
male prevalence probability #1
binge drinking fighting #1
problem behaviors smoking #1
drinking increasing frequency #1
prevalences odds #1
smoking initiation prevalences #1
regular heavy smokers #1
school students patterns #1
sports regular #1
motor vehiclerelated crashes #1
smoking prevalence race #1
regular heavy smoking #1
prevalences smoking patterns #1
initiation prevalences #1
life definitive studies #2
initiation cuban #2
sports participation age #2
rates mexican women #2
initiation hispanics #2
initiation puerto #2
puerto ricanamericans #2
initiation risks #2
time male mexico #2
smoking initiation life #2
initiation puerto rican #2
cuban declined #2
relationship depressive states #2
females cigarette #2
problem behaviors prevalence #2
rates cigarette smoking #2
rates initiation #2
mexican women groups #2
hispanics smoking trends #2
cigarette age groups #2
longterm agespecific prevalence #2
prevalences odds ratios #2
conditions depressed mood #2
smoking trends whites #2
1970s rates #2
conditions initiation risks #2
cubanamerican boys #2
8286 adults #2
cuban puerto #2
puerto ricanamerican boys #2
cigarette smoking hispanics #2
initiation cigarette smoking #2
puerto ricanamerican women #2
initiation latinos #2

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Ahmedin M Jemal
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Ronald C Kessler
mental disorders united states major depression
Katherine M Flegal
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Margaret D Carroll
united states angeles county prevalence obesity
Walter Churchill Willett
breast cancer type 2 diabetes coronary heart disease
Cynthia L Ogden
united states children adolescents prevalence obesity

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Concepts for whichLUIS G Escobedohas direct influence:United states,  Cigarette smoking,  Peptic ulcer disease,  Smoking initiation,  Safety belt,  Coronary artery disease,  Coronary death,  Sports participation.

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