• Citric Acid
  • Citric Acid

    Citric Acid: Top KOLs in the world

    Christian Peter Kubicek #1
    Christian Peter Kubicek
    Institute of Chemical, Environmental & Bioscience Engineerin
    Known for Aspergillus Niger | Hypocrea Jecorina | Trichoderma Reesei | Citric Acid | Fungal Genes
    Max Röhr #2
    Max Röhr
    Abteilung für Biotechnologie, Institut für Biochemische Tech
    Known for Citrate Lyase | Pachysolen Tannophilus | Aspergillus Niger | Citric Acid | Manganese Deficiency

    John R Marier #3
    John R Marier
    National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa. | Environmental
    Known for Tricalcium Citrate | Calcium Phosphate | Nutritional Osteoporosis | Physicochemical Data | Citric Acid
    M Boulet #4
    M Boulet
    Division of Applied Biology , National Research Council , Ot
    Known for Tricalcium Citrate | Calcium Phosphate | Direct Analysis | Gelatinous Precipitate | Citric Acid
    Yiqi Yang #5
    Yiqi Yang
    Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, 234, HECO Bui
    Known for Citric Acid | Mechanical Properties | Plant Proteins | Natural Cellulose Fibers | Water Stability
    N Sunil Kumar Reddy #6
    N Sunil Kumar Reddy
    Centre for Incubation, Innovation, Research and Consultancy,
    Known for Natural Cellulose Fibers | Medical Applications | Citric Acid | Plant Proteins | Chicken Feathers
    Ian S Maddox #7
    Ian S Maddox
    College of Sciences, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealan
    Known for Solvent Production | Aspergillus Niger | Whey Permeate | Citric Acid | Clostridium Acetobutylicum
    Ashok Pandey #8
    Ashok Pandey
    Centre for Innovation and Translational Research, CSIR- Indi
    Known for Lactic Acid | Coffee Husk | Lignocellulosic Biomass | Bioethanol Production | Cassava Bagasse
    John D Brooks #9
    John D Brooks
    College of Sciences, Massey University, Palmerston North, Ne
    Known for Glucose Utilisation | Imk 2 | Solid State Fermentation | Citric Acid | Aspergillus Niger
    Carlos Ricardo Soccol #10
    Carlos Ricardo Soccol
    Department of Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology, Fede
    Known for Solid State Fermentation | Citric Acid | Phytase Production | Coffee Husk | Cassava Bagasse

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