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    KOL Index score: 4903

    Abstract. Fifty-one epileptic out-patients on long-term anticonvulsant treatment with diphenylhydantoin (DPH) alone or a combined regimen have been investigated and compared with a group of 250 control patients. The epileptics had significantly raised serum alkaline phosphatases, serum alanine aminotransferase, and plasma prothrombin time. Serum albumin was significantly decreased, as well as serum calcium and serum bilirubin. In male epileptics significantly raised serum phosphate ...

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    KOL Index score: 4573

    175 Epileptics were treated with Zarontin during a period from 6 months to 3 years. Zarontin is a powerful agent in the treatment of minor attacks, especially petit mal in childhood, but even myoclonic seizures and uncharacteristic small fits in adulthood may respond well to Zarontin.

    Zarontin is usually tolerated well, but serious blood damage may appear and the possibility must always be kept in mind. In our series one patient during treatment developed a serious pancytopenia.

    The ...

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    KOL Index score: 1663

    The newer succinimides PM 680 and celontin have shown a satisfactory effect on petit mal epilepsy. More than 50% of the patients became seizure-free or practically seizure-free, and both drugs appeared definitely superior to milontin and oxazolidine compounds. PM 680 was much less toxic than celontin and should be preferred to celontin if available. At the moment PM 680 is not on the market.

    No serious toxic reactions which could be considered with certainty to be caused by the drugs ...

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    Sample of concepts for which Elli Trolle is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    célontine ont #1
    célontine #1
    contrôle clinique #1
    zarondan treatment #1
    175 epileptics #1
    pouvant être considéré #1
    680 oxazolidine #1
    sévère contrôle clinique #1
    680 toxic #1
    oxyphenbutazone phenobarbital #1
    moment 680 #1
    680 celontin #1
    peut survenir graves #1
    intensive clinical control #1
    celontin treatment drugs #1
    été délivrés #1
    célontine médicaments #1
    680 célontine #1
    uncharacteristic small fits #1
    être administrés sévère #1
    regular clinical control #1
    drugs celontin #1
    médicaments anticonvulsants #1
    petit disorders #1
    680 célontine ont #1
    zarontin ethosuximide zarontin #1
    secondaires ces #1
    médicaments question #1
    celontin clinical #1
    3 zarontin #1
    celontin treatment #1
    petit 50 #1
    dune absence epilepsy #1
    succinimides 680 #1
    toxique célontine #1
    toxic celontin #1
    tout particulièrement relevée #1
    zarontin durant #1
    zarondan #1
    absence succinimides celontin #1
    powerful agent treatment #1
    réagir bien toléré #1
    175 epileptics zarontin #1
    oxazolidine judgement #1
    multiple skinsuggilations #1
    ainsi dire délivrés #1
    secondaires 680 #1
    zarontin ethosuximide #1
    minor attacks petit #1
    myoclonus oxyphenbutazone #1

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    Concepts for whichElli Trollehas direct influence:Liver function tests,  Clonazepam patients,  Clinical comparative study,  Visual agnosia,  Absence epilepsy,  Petit epilepsy,  Patients clonazepam,  New succinimides.

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