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Clinical Psychology

John C Norcross #1
John C Norcross
Department of Psychology, University of Scranton | Center on
Known for Psychotherapy Integration | Extra Credit | Independent Practice | Personal Therapy
David Harrison Barlow, #2
David Harrison Barlow,
Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Boston University,
Known for Unified Protocol | Sexual Arousal | Social Phobia | Chronic Pelvic Pain

Steven D Hollon #3
Steven D Hollon
Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville,
Known for Adult Depression | Antidepressant Medication | Mental Health | Depressive Symptoms
Alan E Kazdin #4
Alan E Kazdin
Department of Psychology, Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
Known for Covert Modeling | Behavior Modification | Social Skills | Mental Health
Ronald C Kessler #5
Ronald C Kessler
Division of Depression and Anxiety Disorders (Lebois, Harnet
Known for Major Depression | National Comorbidity Survey | Childhood Adversities | Mental Disorders
Martin E P Seligman #6
Martin E P Seligman
Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania, Phil
Known for Positive Psychology | Character Strengths | Depressive Symptoms | Learned Helplessness
Dianne L Chambless #7
Dianne L Chambless
Dept. of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphi
Known for Perceived Criticism | Social Anxiety | Hostile Resistance | Expressed Emotion
Cynthia D Belar #8
Cynthia D Belar
American Psychological Association, Washington, DC | Educati
Known for Graduate Education | United States | Medical Settings | Autogenic Phrases
Donald R Peterson #9
Donald R Peterson
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutg
Known for Dental Emergencies | Data Modes | Toxic Shock Syndrome | Clinical Psychologists
Sol L Garfield #10
Sol L Garfield
Department of Psychology, Washington University, 63130, St.
Known for Rorschach Test | Illusory Correlation | Mckeen Cattell | Personal Therapy

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