Nancy Jennings

Nancy Jennings

N. Jennings (, Http://, )(,, ), Dotmoth, 1 Mendip Villas, Crabtree Lane, Dundry, Bristol, Bs41 8ln, Uk

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close season
terrestrial biodiversity
brown hare
lepus europaeus
mathematics reform
local capacity
ambitious instruction

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combined effects
land-use activities
future scenarios
lepus europaeus pallas
luh2 project
growing demands
historical reconstruction

Prominent publications by Nancy Jennings

KOL-Index: 59 Increased efforts are required to prevent further losses to terrestrial biodiversity and the ecosystem services that it  provides1,2. Ambitious targets have been proposed, such as reversing the declining trends in biodiversity3; however, just feeding the growing human population will make this a challenge4. Here we use an ensemble of land-use and biodiversity models to assess whether—and ...
Known for
Terrestrial Biodiversity | Provision | Intensification | Reduced Food Waste
KOL-Index: 17 The European brown hare Lepus europaeus is an r-selected species showing relatively high fecundity, and changes in the hare population can be influenced by the timing of hunting and reproductive activity. Between February and August in Europe, the majority of female hares are either pregnant or suckling young, or both, and if a female is killed during the suckling period, the young hares ...
Known for
Hunting February | Orphaning Starvation | European Brown Hare | Peak Time
KOL-Index: 5
KOL-Index: 5
Known for
Elementary Teachers

N. Jennings (,, )(,, ), Dotmoth, 1 Mendip Villas, Crabtree Lane, Dundry, Bristol, BS41 8LN, UK

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