• Cocaine Overdose
  • Cocaine Overdose

    Cocaine Overdose: Top KOLs in the world

    James H Woods #1
    James H Woods
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Marylan
    Known for Opioid Receptors | Behavioral Effects | Discriminative Stimulus | Cocaine Esterase | Rhesus Monkeys
    Donald W Landry #2
    Donald W Landry
    Department of Medicine, Columbia University, 10032, New York
    Known for Energy Barriers | Chloride Channels | Vasopressin Deficiency | Catalytic Antibodies | Septic Shock

    Chang‐Guo Zhan #3
    Chang‐Guo Zhan
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy,
    Known for Human Butyrylcholinesterase | Energy Barriers | Molecular Dynamics | Cocaine Hydrolase | Reaction Pathway
    Charles V Wetli #4
    Charles V Wetli
    Suffolk County, USA | Chief Medical Examiner and Director of
    Known for Ventricular Hypertrophy | Coronary Artery Disease | Dopamine Transporter | Sudden Death | Excited Delirium
    Daquan Gao #5
    Daquan Gao
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentuck
    Known for Free Energy | Computational Design | Human Butyrylcholinesterase | Transition States | Cocaine Hydrolysis
    Deborah C Mash #6
    Deborah C Mash
    Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine, Nova Sout
    Known for Dopamine Transporter | Gene Expression | Parkinson Disease | Cocaine Abuse | Nucleus Accumbens
    M C Holden Ko #7
    M C Holden Ko
    Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Wake Forest Unive
    Known for Rhesus Monkeys | Opioid Receptors | Cocaine Esterase | Nonhuman Primates | Bdnf Mrna Expression
    Hsin‐Hsiung Tai #8
    Hsin‐Hsiung Tai
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MT, HHT), College of
    Known for Arachidonate Release | Human Platelets | Ligand Binding | Protein Kinase | 15 Pgdh
    Wen‐Chao Yang #9
    Wen‐Chao Yang
    Key Laboratory of Pesticide and Chemical Biology (Ministry o
    Known for Succinate Dehydrogenase | Pesticide Residues | Dioxygenase Inhibitors | Herbicidal Activity | Human Butyrylcholinesterase
    Hoon Cho #10
    Hoon Cho
    Department of Biochemical & Polymer Engineering, Chosun Univ
    Known for Bamboo Oil | Algicidal Effects | Harmful Algae | Wound Healing | Antitumor Activity

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