• Cognitive Functioning
  • Cognitive Functioning

    Cognitive Functioning: Top KOLs in the world

    Marshal F Folstein #1
    Marshal F Folstein
    Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA. | Gera
    Known for Nursing Homes | Cognitive Impairment | Bipolar Disorder | Diabetes Mellitus | Alzheimer Disease
    Susan E Folstein #2
    Susan E Folstein
    University of Miami | Division of Child and Adolescent Psych
    Known for Autistic Individuals | Hd Patients | Bipolar Disorder | Autism Families | Huntingtons Disease

    Paul R McHugh #3
    Paul R McHugh
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopk
    Known for Food Intake | Rhesus Monkeys | Personality Disorders | Cck Receptors | Gastric Emptying
    Yaakov Stern #4
    Yaakov Stern
    The Department of Neurology, Columbia University, New York,
    Known for Incident Dementia | Depressive Symptoms | Extrapyramidal Signs | Cognitive Reserve | Alzheimer Disease
    David Alan Bennett #5
    David Alan Bennett
    Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Rush University Medical Cen
    Known for Depressive Symptoms | Physical Activity | Episodic Memory | Alzheimer Disease | Cognitive Decline
    Kristine Yaffe #6
    Kristine Yaffe
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University
    Known for Older Women | Metabolic Syndrome | Alzheimer Disease | Cognitive Impairment | Depressive Symptoms
    Robert Smith Wilson #7
    Robert Smith Wilson
    Rush University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry and
    Known for Depressive Symptoms | Physical Activity | Episodic Memory | Cognitive Decline | Alzheimer Disease
    Ian John Deary #8
    Ian John Deary
    Lothian Birth Cohorts, Department of Psychology, University
    Known for Lothian Birth Cohort | Dna Methylation | Blood Pressure | Cognitive Ability | Uk Biobank
    Bengt G Winblad #9
    Bengt G Winblad
    Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Cente
    Known for Cognitive Impairment | Vascular Dementia | Kungsholmen Project | Blood Pressure | Alzheimer Disease
    Ronald Carl Petersen #10
    Ronald Carl Petersen
    Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic-Minnesota, 200 First St
    Known for Lewy Bodies | Cognitive Decline | Mayo Clinic Study | Alzheimer Disease

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