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    To examine whether cell-to-cell interactions between human gingival epithelial cells (HGE) and periodontal ligament fibroblasts (PLF) or gingival fibroblasts (GF) take place in the periodontium, the effects on collagenase production by PLF and GF were analyzed after adding several concentrations of HGE-conditioned medium (HGE-CM) to PLF or GF culture. Collagenase production by both cell populations was stimulated by adding HGE-CM, which stimulated collagenase production by PLF to a ...

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    KOL Index score: 1999

    Seven dental cyst epithelia were cultured in vitro and the conditioned media were analyzed for periodontal ligament fibroblast collagenase production. All the cyst epithelium-conditioned media stimulated fibroblast collagenase production, indicating that dental cyst epithelium, which is considered to be identical to the cell rests of Malassez, might play a role in periodontal pocket formation.

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    Concept World rank
    cyst granulation #5
    dental cyst epithelium #5
    dental cyst epithelia #5
    publication cells malassez #5
    epitheliumconditioned medium #5
    malassez publication cells #5
    pocket radicular #7
    cell rests malassez #7
    malassez role #10
    epithelial apical migration #13
    plf gingival fibroblasts #16
    plf gingival #18
    epithelium conditioned #21
    dental cyst #21
    production cyst #45
    fibroblasts follicular #54
    fibroblasts plf #59
    fibroblasts dental #77
    periodontal pocket formation #91

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    matrix metalloproteinase synovial fibroblasts gene expression
    Arthur Z Eisen
    human skin epidermolysis bullosa type vii collagen
    Eugene A Bauer
    epidermolysis bullosa human skin collagenase expression

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    Concepts for whichT Ogoshihas direct influence:Collagenase production,  Periodontal ligament,  Dental cyst,  Dental cyst epithelium,  Cyst epithelium,  Gingival fibroblasts gf,  Ligament fibroblasts,  Gingiva humans.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which T Ogoshi has influence:Gingival fibroblasts,  Cytokine profile,  Facet cyst,  Hepatocyte growth factor,  Potent chemoattractants,  Periodontal ligament,  Epithelial cell rests.



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    Department of Oral Surgery, Musashino Red Cross Hospital, Tokyo, Japan