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      Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen

      Department of Pathology, Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark | Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, ...



      KOL Resume for Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen


      Department of Pathology, Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark


      Departments of, Pathology

      Department of Surgical Gastroenterology 360, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Hvidovre 2650, Denmark.

      Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark


      Department of Pathology, Herlev-og Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark.

      Gastro Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark


      Department of Pathology and Molecular Unit, University of Copenhagen, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, Herlev Ringvej 75, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark. Electronic address:

      Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.


      Department of Pathology, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark;, View further author information

      The Finsen Laboratory, Rigshospitalet University Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark


      Department of Pathology, Herlev University Hospital, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark. Electronic address:

      Laboratory of Gastroenterology, University of Copenhagen, Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark;

      Biotech Research and Innovation Center (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, Denmark (WA-A, ODL, IJC, GH-H, MP, MI)

      Gastroenterology, Hvidovre Hospital, Hvidovre, Denmark


      Rigshospitalet The Finsen Laboratory Copenhagen Denmark


      Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark



      Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen: Influence Statistics

      Sample of concepts for which Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      extracolonic cancer colonoscopy #1
      patients short rfs #1
      19 anticancer agents #1
      mbl 95 #1
      crc diseases #1
      maxilla males #1
      cadherin migratory phenotype #1
      iribev lombev #1
      afp discrimination #1
      series syncytin expression #1
      postive predictive #1
      dna aneuploidy survival #1
      comorbidity type cci #1
      boars cytogenetic aberrations #1
      plasma tumour arteries #1
      age urinary timp1 #1
      533 pg ml1 #1
      estimates upa #1
      top1 amplification trend #1
      crc risk adenomas #1
      cova patients #1
      chemotherapy theory #1
      preoperative levels il6 #1
      elevated preoperative patients #1
      agenesis females #1
      95 soluble upar #1
      timp1 myofibroblasts #1
      ehrlich p388 #1
      sensitive population time #1
      flow cytometric fcm #1
      treatment strategy conats #1
      95 luminal surface #1
      isolated lymphocytes monocytes #1
      modest overt phenotypes #1
      cathepsin patient sera #1
      ca242 roc curve #1
      potential biomarkers assays #1
      ptcl patients markers #1
      ulceration angiotropism #1
      large bowel endoscopy #1
      hra individuals #1
      nse multivariate analysis #1
      endpoint negative predictive #1
      ferritin postbowel preparation #1
      pep tab #1
      multivariate analysis upari #1
      ferritin timp1 #1
      cova young adult #1
      crc saliva statistics #1
      n77 patients #1


      Prominent publications by Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen

      KOL-Index: 24660

      OBJECTIVE: To compare tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitors directly regarding the rates of treatment response, remission, and the drug survival rate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and to identify clinical prognostic factors for response.

      METHODS: The nationwide DANBIO registry collects data on rheumatology patients receiving routine care. For the present study, we included patients from DANBIO who had RA (n = 2,326) in whom the first biologic treatment was initiated (29% ...

      Known for Drug Adherence | Adalimumab Etanercept | Remission Rates | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Treatment Responses
      KOL-Index: 22083

      OBJECTIVE: Diagnostic factors are needed to improve the currently used serum CA125 and risk of malignancy index (RMI) in differentiating ovarian cancer (OC) from other pelvic masses, thereby achieving precise and fast referral to a tertiary center and correct selection for further diagnostics. The aim was to evaluate serum Human Epididymis protein 4 (HE4) and the risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) for these purposes.

      METHODS: Serum from 1218 patients in the prospective ongoing ...

      Known for Epithelial Ovarian | He4 Roma | Pelvic Mass | Ca125 Risk | Algorithms Biomarkers
      KOL-Index: 17974

      The acquisition of drug-resistant tumour cells is the main problem in the medical treatment of a range of malignant diseases. In recent years, three new classes of anti-cancer agents, each with a novel mechanism of action, have been brought forward to clinical trials. These are the topoisomerase I (topo I) poisons topotecan and irinotecan, which are both camptothecin derivatives, the taxane tubulin stabilizers taxol and taxotere and, finally, the antimetabolite gemcitabin, which is ...

      Known for Cell Lines | Collateral Sensitivity | Lung Cancer | Drug Resistant | Cross Resistance
      KOL-Index: 15527

      AIM: The sources of increased vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) concentrations in peripheral blood from cancer patients are not known in detail. The aim of the present study was to evaluate correlations between the VEGF content in isolated leucocyte subpopulations and VEGF concentrations in plasma, serum and lysed whole blood.

      METHODS: In 51 colorectal cancer (CRC) patients, circulating T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes were isolated by means of ...

      Known for Endothelial Growth | Vegf Serum | Blood Samples | Factor Vascular | Concentrations Plasma
      KOL-Index: 14616

      OBJECTIVES: The frequencies and prognostic role of KRAS and BRAF mutations in patients operated on for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDACs) and ampullary adenocarcinomas (A-ACs) are scantily studied.

      METHODS: KRAS and BRAF mutations were analyzed in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumor samples from primarily chemotherapy-naive patients operated on with radical intentions for PDAC (n = 170) and A-AC (n = 107).

      RESULTS: Eighty percent of PDAC patients had KRAS mutations (codon 12 ...

      Known for Kras Mutations | Patients Pdac | Ampullary Adenocarcinomas | Prognostic Role | Vater Carcinoma
      KOL-Index: 13788

      Background: Preoperative plasma plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is a prognostic variable in patients with colorectal cancer. It has been suggested, however, that plasma PAI-1 is a nonspecific prognostic parameter similar to the acute-phase reactant C-reactive protein (CRP). In the present study we analyzed the association between plasma PAI-1 and serum CRP in patients scheduled for elective resection of colorectal cancer. In addition, the prognostic value of PAI-1 and CRP was ...

      Known for Colorectal Cancer | Activator Inhibitor | Serum Crp | Reactive Protein | Plasma Pai1
      KOL-Index: 13604

      The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between tumor tissue levels of total tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 (TIMP-1) and prognosis in patients with primary breast cancer and to analyze whether measurement of TIMP-1 in tumor extracts added prognostic information to that obtained from measurements of urokinase-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1). An established sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was thoroughly ...

      Known for Primary Breast Cancer | Tumor Tissue | Activator Inhibitor | Timp1 Pai1 | Type 1
      KOL-Index: 13321

      BACKGROUND: The frequency of postoperative infectious complications is significantly increased in patients with colorectal cancer receiving perioperative blood transfusion. It is still debated, however, whether perioperative blood transfusion alters the incidence of disease recurrence or otherwise affects the prognosis.

      METHODS: Patient risk variables, variables related to operation technique, blood transfusion and the development of infectious complications were recorded prospectively ...

      Known for Blood Transfusion | Colorectal Cancer | Postoperative Infectious | Subsequent Development | Disease Recurrence
      KOL-Index: 13112

      In serum, the major part of vascular endothelial growth factor derives from in vitro degranulation of granulocytes and platelets. Therefore, plasma may be preferred for vascular endothelial growth factor measurements. However, which specimen is the best predictor of survival is still debated. The present study analyzed the prognostic value of matched preoperative serum and plasma vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in patients with colorectal cancer. To establish the ...

      Known for Preoperative Plasma | Endothelial Growth | Serum Vegf | Factor Vascular | Prognostic Impact
      KOL-Index: 12822

      BackgroundEarly detection plays an essential role to reduce colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality. While current screening methods suffer from poor compliance, liquid biopsy-based strategies for cancer detection is rapidly gaining promise. Here, we describe the development of TriMeth, a minimal-invasive blood-based test for detection of early-stage colorectal cancer. The test is based on assessment of three tumour-specific DNA methylation markers in circulating cell-free DNA.ResultsA ...

      Known for Dna Methylation | Colorectal Cancer | Based Detection | Sensitivity Specificity | Early Stage
      KOL-Index: 12749

      BACKGROUND: The risk of recurrence of inguinal hernia within 5 years of repair is lower after mesh than sutured repair in men, but no large-scale studies have compared the risk of recurrence beyond 5 years.

      METHODS: The Danish Hernia Database prospectively collects data on almost all primary inguinal hernia repairs in men (older than 18 years). This study used data recorded over 8 years, analysing reoperations for recurrent hernia in the intervals 0-30 months, 30-60 months and 60-96 ...

      Known for 5 Years | Hernia Repair | Risk Recurrence | Lichtenstein Mesh | Reoperation Rate
      KOL-Index: 12634

      BACKGROUND: Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and its inhibitor (PAI-1) play essential roles in tumor invasion and metastasis. High levels of both uPA and PAI-1 are associated with poor prognosis in breast cancer patients. To confirm the prognostic value of uPA and PAI-1 in primary breast cancer, we reanalyzed individual patient data provided by members of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer-Receptor and Biomarker Group (EORTC-RBG).

      METHODS: The study ...

      Known for Patients Upa | Type Plasminogen | Breast Cancer | Prognostic Impact | Pooled Analysis
      KOL-Index: 12446

      OBJECTIVES: The aim of this prospective multicenter study was to evaluate and compare the diagnostic performance of PET/CT, MRI and transvaginal two-dimensional ultrasound (2DUS) in the preoperative assessment of endometrial cancer (EC).

      METHODS: 318 consecutive women with EC were included when referred to three Danish tertiary gynecological centers for surgical treatment. Preoperatively they were PET/CT-, MRI-, and 2DUS scanned. The imaging results were compared to the final ...

      Known for Pet Mri | Preoperative Staging | Endometrial Cancer | Myometrial Invasion | Diagnostic Performance

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      Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichIb Jarle Jarle Christensenhas direct influence:Colorectal cancer,  Ovarian cancer,  Tissue inhibitor,  Breast cancer,  Rectal cancer,  Timp1 levels,  Objective response,  Plasminogen activator.

      Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Ib Jarle Jarle Christensen has influence:Colorectal cancer,  Flow cytometry,  Plasminogen activator,  Rheumatoid arthritis,  Cell cycle,  Dna ploidy,  Tissue inhibitor.



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      Department of Pathology, Herlev Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark | Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Hvidovre, Denmark | Departments of, Pathology | Department of Surgical Gastroe

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