• Combined Treatment Modalities
  • Combined Treatment Modalities

    Combined Treatment Modalities: Top KOLs in the world

    Giulio J D’ Angio #1
    Giulio J D’ Angio
    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Rad
    Known for Pediatric Oncology | Psychosocial Issues | Central Nervous | Wilms Tumor | Radiation Therapy
    Saul Eugene Rivkin #2
    Saul Eugene Rivkin
    Swedish Cancert Institute, Seattle, Washington, USA | Marsha
    Known for Breast Cancer | Combination Chemotherapy | Methyl Ccnu | Adjuvant Therapy | Southwest Oncology

    Maurice Murphy #3
    Maurice Murphy
    Infectious Disease Service, Department of Medicine, and Micr
    Known for Osteogenic Sarcoma | Radiation Therapy | Solid Tumors | Neoplastic Diseases | Acute Leukemia
    Charlotte T C Tan #4
    Charlotte T C Tan
    Department of Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan‐Kettering Cancer Ce
    Known for Acute Leukemia | Anthracycline Therapy | Advanced Cancer | Thyroid Neoplasms | Hodgkin Disease
    WILLIAM CHUA Cham #5
    Departments of Radiation Therapy, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surg
    Known for Normal Tissues | Malignant Ovarian Tumors | Radiation Therapy | Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma | Local Control
    Paul P Carbone #6
    Paul P Carbone
    Authors' Affiliations: University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbo
    Known for Community Hospitals | Bone Marrow | Multiple Myeloma | Hepatocellular Carcinoma | Breast Cancer
    Jeffrey A Gottlieb #7
    Jeffrey A Gottlieb
    Department of Developmental Therapeutics, The University of
    Known for Solid Tumors | Southwest Oncology | Metastatic Sarcomas | Methyl Ccnu | Malignant Melanoma
    Robert W Talley #8
    Robert W Talley
    Henry Ford Hospital, USA | Henry Ford Hospital, 48202, Detro
    Known for Combination Chemotherapy | Metastatic Breast Cancer | Maintenance Therapy | Squamous Cell | Southwest Oncology
    Jens Overgaard #9
    Jens Overgaard
    Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology, Aarhus Univers
    Known for Squamous Cell | Head Neck | Postmastectomy Radiotherapy | C3h Mammary Carcinoma | Breast Cancer
    Bruce Allan Chabner #10
    Bruce Allan Chabner
    Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Harvard Medica
    Known for Breast Cancer | Psychosocial Issues | Combination Chemotherapy | Schwartz Center | Bone Marrow

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