• Community Detection Algorithm
  • Community Detection Algorithm

    Community Detection Algorithm: Top KOLs in the world

    M E J Newman #1
    M E J Newman
    Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Sy
    Known for Social Networks | Random Graphs | Short Loops | Fossil Record | Community Structure
    Santo Fortunato #2
    Santo Fortunato
    Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI), Bloomin
    Known for Community Structure | Spin Models | Gauge Theory | Consensus Clustering | Complex Networks

    Michelle Girvan #3
    Michelle Girvan
    Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of
    Known for Spatial Proximity | Social Media | Stack Exchange | Community Structure | Machine Learning
    Renaud Lambiotte #4
    Renaud Lambiotte
    Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK | M
    Known for Temporal Networks | Consensus Dynamics | Complex Systems | Random Walks | Community Detection
    Jean‐Loup Guillaume #5
    Jean‐Loup Guillaume
    L3i Laboratory, University of La Rochelle, La Rochelle, Fran
    Known for Louvain Method | Bipartite Structure | Web Graph | Tweet Popularity | Complex Networks
    Vincent D Blondel #6
    Vincent D Blondel
    Université catholique de Louvain, Place de l’Université 1, 1
    Known for Simultaneous Stabilization | Finiteness Property | Human Mobility | Linear Systems | Joint Spectral Radius
    Etienne Lefebvre #7
    Etienne Lefebvre
    Department of Mathematical Engineering, Université Catholiqu
    Known for Terms Computation Time | Socalled Modularity | 2 Customers | Large Networks | Fast Unfolding
    Andrea Lancichinetti #8
    Andrea Lancichinetti
    Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwest
    Known for Journal Rankings | Interconnected Systems | Benchmark Graphs | Community Detection | Network Flows
    Aaron J Clauset #9
    Aaron J Clauset
    BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado Boulder, Boul
    Known for Null Models | Biological Networks | Faculty Hiring | Scoring Dynamics | Community Structure
    Cristopher Moore #10
    Cristopher Moore
    Santa Fe Institute, 1399 Hyde Park Road, Santa Fe, New Mexic
    Known for Submatrix Localization | Community Detection | Sparse Pca | Coset States | Graph Isomorphism

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