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    Competitive Interaction: Top KOLs in the world

    Joseph H Connell #1
    Joseph H Connell
    Department of Botany, Louisiana State University, Baton Roug
    Known for Field Experiments | San Juan Island | Balanus Glandula | Interspecific Competition | Floral Initiation
    David G Tilman #2
    David G Tilman
    Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, Univers
    Known for Species Richness | Ecosystem Functioning | Community Structure | Seed Production | Plant Diversity

    Peter L CHESSON #3
    Peter L CHESSON
    Department of Life Sciences and Research Center for Global C
    Known for Relative Nonlinearity | Species Coexistence | Population Dynamics | Lottery Model | Scale Transition Theory
    Ragan Morrison Callaway #4
    Ragan Morrison Callaway
    Division of Biological Sciences and the Institute on Ecosyst
    Known for Soil Biota | Plant Communities | North America | Native Range | Competitive Effects
    Jonathan M Levine #5
    Jonathan M Levine
    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton Un
    Known for Competitive Ability | Niche Differences | Rapid Evolution | Plant Diversity | Species Coexistence
    Thomas W Schoener #6
    Thomas W Schoener
    Harvard University Biological Laboratories Cambridge Massach
    Known for Habitat Shift | Feeding Territories | Genus Anolis | Niche Differences | Size Patterns
    Jacob Weiner #7
    Jacob Weiner
    Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University o
    Known for Plant Populations | Grain Yield | Size Inequality | Spatial Pattern | Weed Suppression
    Daniel S Simberloff #8
    Daniel S Simberloff
    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University o
    Known for Biological Invasions | Character Displacement | South America | Body Size | Introduced Species
    David Tilman #9
    David Tilman
    University of Minnesota | DAVID TILMAN, a Fellow of the Amer
    Known for Nitrogen Gradients | Plant Communities | Spatial Habitats | Population Dynamics | Resource Competition
    Robert Dan Holt #10
    Robert Dan Holt
    Department of Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville, F
    Known for Evolutionary Rescue | Population Dynamics | Apparent Competition | Habitat Fragmentation | Phenotypic Plasticity