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      Joseph M Segarra: Influence Statistics

      Sample of concepts for which Joseph M Segarra is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      manifestations occipital #5
      pure suprasylvian #5
      apraxia conduction #6
      suprasylvian lesions #18
      color agnosia #22
      agnosia prosopagnosia #23
      severe ideomotor apraxia #27
      patients conduction aphasia #28


      Prominent publications by Joseph M Segarra

      KOL-Index: 4259

      Occlusive vascular disease of the posterior cerebral arteries produced infarction destroying the left medial occipital area, the splenium of the corpus callosum, and the right inferior longitudinal fasciculus of a patient with visual agnosia. Some of the reported neurobehavioral abnormalities (alexia without agraphia, color agnosia, and verbal memory defect) were readily correlated with the observed lesions. Other abnormalities, particularly the visual agnosia and prosopagnosia, are less ...

      Known for Visual Agnosia | Corpus Callosum | Alexia Agraphia | Posterior Cerebral Arteries | Inferior Longitudinal
      KOL-Index: 3708

      Three patients with conduction aphasia are described; in addition to the distinctive language disorder, two of them had severe ideomotor apraxia while the other was entirely free of apraxia. Postmortem examination revealed that the two patients with apraxia had entirely suprasylvian lesions involving the white matter deep to the parietal operculum, while the nonapraxic subject had suffered total destruction of the Wernicke area. Based on these findings and a review of the literature, we ...

      Known for Conduction Aphasia | Patients Apraxia | White Matter | Wernicke Area | Parietal Operculum

      Key People For Conduction Aphasia

      Top KOLs in the world
      Norman Geschwind
      biological mechanisms cerebral dominance gerstmann syndrome
      D Frank Benson
      frontotemporal dementia visual agnosia conduction aphasia
      Tim Shallice
      prefrontal cortex frontal patients pure alexia
      Elizabeth Kerr Warrington
      posterior cortical atrophy selective impairment object recognition
      Hanna Damasio
      prefrontal cortex sign language music training
      Antonio R Damasio
      prefrontal cortex music training human amygdala

      Joseph M Segarra:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichJoseph M Segarrahas direct influence:Conduction aphasia,  Visual agnosia,  Clinicopathological study,  Patients apraxia,  Patients conduction aphasia,  Ideomotor apraxia,  Wernicke aphasia,  Wernicke area.

      Joseph M Segarra:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Joseph M Segarra has influence:Conduction aphasia,  Arcuate fasciculus,  Visual agnosia,  Speech perception,  Thalamic hemorrhage,  Dorsal stream,  Aphasic patients.



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