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      Key People For Congenital Glaucoma

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      Anil Kumar Mandal
      congenital glaucoma intraocular pressure cataract surgery
      Mansoor Sarfarazi
      myotonic dystrophy genetic linkage marfan syndrome
      Ivaylo R Stoilov
      cytochrome p450 congenital glaucoma cyp1b1 mutations
      Magda Barsoum‐Homsy
      primary congenital glaucoma congenital esotropia preterm infants
      Line Chevrette
      primary congenital glaucoma traumatic hyphema pattern electroretinogram
      Alex V Levin
      retinal hemorrhage peters anomaly pediatric glaucoma

      Wang ningli:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichWang ninglihas direct influence:Congenital glaucoma,  Yunnan baiyao capsules,  Illuminated microcatheter,  Surgical outcomes,  Handan study,  Clinical safety,  Increased abdominal pressure.



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