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Institute of Stress Medicine, Region Västra Götaland, Gothenburg, Sweden. | Biostatistics, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Institute of Medicine, ...

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Concepts for which Emina Hadzibajramovic has direct influence: Workplace social capital , Work performance , Work attendance , Directed attention , Road traffic noise , Mental health , Work ability .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Emina Hadzibajramovic has influence: Physical activity , Work ability , Perceived stress , Mental health , Depressive symptoms , Sick leave , Traffic noise .

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Institute of Stress Medicine, Region Västra Götaland, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Health Metrics, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden


Health Metrics, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden


Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Institute of Stress Medicine, 413 19 Göteborg, Sweden


Institute of Stress Medicine, Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B, 413 19 Gothenburg, Sweden


Emina Hadzibajramovic MSc Statistician Department of Statistics, Swedish Business School at Örebro University, and Institute of Stress Medicine, Gothenburg, Sweden


Institute of Stress Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden


The Institute of Stress Medicine, Carl Skottsbergsgata 22B, 413 19, Göteborg, Sweden


Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy at Göteborg University, Box 414, SE-40530 Gothenburg, Sweden

Prominent publications by Emina Hadzibajramovic

KOL-Index: 10972 . OBJECTIVE: This study analyzes longitudinal associations between self-reported leisure-time physical activity (PA) and perceived stress, burnout and symptoms of depression and anxiety. METHOD: Cohort data collected in 2004 and 2006 from health care and social insurance workers in western Sweden (2694 women; 420 men) were analyzed. Cox regression was conducted to examine associations ...
Known for Mental Health | Depression Anxiety | Burnout Symptoms | Physical Activity
KOL-Index: 10768 . OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the influence of perceived stress and musculoskeletal ache/pain, separately and in combination, at baseline, on self-rated work ability and work performance at two-year follow-up. METHODS: Survey data were collected with a 2-year interval. Health care workers participating at both waves were included. Inclusion criteria were good self-reported work ability and ...
Known for Perceived Stress | Musculoskeletal Pain | Work Ability | Psychological Surveys
KOL-Index: 10191 . BACKGROUND: Experiencing work-related stress constitutes an obvious risk for becoming sick-listed. In primary health care, no established method to early identify, advise and treat people with work-related stress exists. The aim was to evaluate if the use of the Work Stress Questionnaire (WSQ) brief intervention, including feedback from the general practitioner (GP), had an impact on the ...
Known for Sick Leave | Primary Health | Early Identification | Workrelated Stress
KOL-Index: 8124 . AIM: This paper is a report of a cohort study of healthcare workers' work attendance, and its long-term consequences' on health, burnout, work ability and performance. BACKGROUND: Concepts and measures of work attendance have varied in the scientific literature. Attending work in spite of being sick can have serious consequences on health. There is little knowledge on which individual and ...
Known for Healthcare Workers | Work Attendance | Health Performance | Sick Leave
KOL-Index: 7653 . ObjectiveThe aim of this study was to assess the construct and predictive validity of a new instrument for self-rating of stress-related Exhaustion Disorder (s-ED).MethodsPublic healthcare workers and social insurance officers, 85% females, were included (N = 2,683) in a longitudinal study. The s-ED instrument, based on clinical criteria for Exhaustion Disorder, was used at baseline to ...
Known for Sickness Absence | Work Ability | Reported Exhaustion | Depression Anxiety
KOL-Index: 7538 . Socio-acoustic studies were conducted in residential areas in Sweden exposed to different levels of road traffic noise. The objectives were to evaluate exposure–effect relationships between road traffic noise and sleep quality and to compare sleep assessed by sleep logs and wrist-actigraphy for children and parents. The main study involved interviews with 160 children (9–12 years old) and ...
Known for Road Traffic Noise | Sleep Quality | Children Parents | Exposure Relationship
KOL-Index: 7423 . BackgroundA relevant, but overlooked question is if self-reported physical activity and aerobic fitness are differently related to mental health.PurposeTo examine the relation between mental health and level of self-reported physical activity (SRPA) and aerobic fitness (AF), and whether AF mediates the relation between SRPA and mental health.MethodsParticipating in the study were 177 ...
Known for Mental Health | Physical Activity | Aerobic Fitness | Depression Anxiety
KOL-Index: 7347 . Burnout as a concept indicative of a work-related state of mental exhaustion is recognized around the globe. Numerous studies showed that burnout has negative consequences for both individuals and organizations but also for society at large, especially in welfare states where sickness absence and work incapacitation are covered by social funds. This underlines the importance of a valid and ...
Known for Burnout Assessment Tool | Psychometric Properties | New Measure | Questionnaires Adult
KOL-Index: 5456 . BACKGROUND AND AIM: Workplace Social Capital has been suggested as a useful concept when addressing organizational and social factors of the work environment. The overall aim of the present study is to establish and evaluate the construct validity of a measure of Workplace Social Capital based on the operationalization suggested in the third version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial ...
Known for Workplace Social Capital | Copsoq Iii | Construct Validity | Work Environment
KOL-Index: 4302 . BACKGROUND: In the last few years, so-called "common mental disorders", including adjustment disorder and stress-related exhaustion, have outrivalled musculoskeletal disorders as being the leading cause of long-term sick leave in Sweden. Cardiorespiratory fitness level defined as "the maximal amount of physiological work that an individual can do as measured by oxygen consumption" has in ...
Known for Cardiorespiratory Fitness | Physical Activity | Longitudinal Studies | Sleep Disturbances
KOL-Index: 3741 . BACKGROUND: Psychosocial stress at work has been recognised as one of the most important factors behind the increase in sick leave due to stress-related mental disorders. It is therefore important to be able to measure perceived work stress in a way that is both valid and reliable. It has been suggested that the Stress-Energy Questionnaire (SEQ) could be a useful tool for measuring mood ...
Known for Construct Validity | Stress Energy | Female Health | Psychometric Properties
KOL-Index: 3442 . Attention is a basic cognitive function necessary in most daily activities. Beneficial effects on cognitive abilities after exposure to nature have been reported. To explore if relaxation indoors and in nature differently affect directed attention and physiological measures, 51 participants (39 women) were measured on directed attention with the Necker Cube Pattern Control Test before and ...
Known for Directed Attention | Blood Pressure | Heart Rate | Relaxation Intervention
KOL-Index: 3013 . PurposeBurnout is a mental condition described as being a result of long-term stressors commonly related to psychosocial factors at work. The aim of the present study was to investigate longitudinal relationships between job demands, decision authority, effort and reward, and symptoms of burnout, as well as the joint effects of job demands and decision authority, and of effort and ...
Known for Effort Reward | Psychosocial Factors | Longitudinal Studies | Questionnaires Sweden
KOL-Index: 2918 . ProblemRegular physical activity (PA) can prevent sleep complaints and improve sleep among people with sleep disorders, whereas nocturnal shift work is linked with a higher risk of sleep problems. The present study examines the prospective contribution of PA and nocturnal shift work to the development of subjective sleep complaints.MethodsData is based on 1406 health care workers ...
Known for Sleep Complaints | Physical Activity | Shift Workers | Swedish Health
KOL-Index: 1888 . BACKGROUND: Psychosocial stress at work is one of the most important factors behind increasing sick-leave rates. In addition to work stressors, it is important to account for non-work-related stressors when assessing stress responses. In this study, a modified version of the Stress-Energy Questionnaire (SEQ), the SEQ during leisure time (SEQ-LT) was introduced for assessing the affective ...
Known for Leisure Time | Stressenergy Questionnaire | Low Energy

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