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Core Trus

Jelle O Barentsz #1
Jelle O Barentsz
Department of Radiology and Nuclear medicine, Radboud Univer
Known for Lymph Node | Urinary Bladder | Guided Biopsy | Prostate Cancer
Arnauld A Villers #2
Arnauld A Villers
Univ. Lille, Department of Urology, Claude Huriez Hospital,
Known for Active Surveillance | Focal Therapy | Magnetic Resonance | Specific Antigen

Hashim Uddin Ahmed #3
Hashim Uddin Ahmed
Imperial Urology, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Lon
Known for Magnetic Resonance | Multiparametric Mri | Active Surveillance | Prostate Cancer
emberton EMBERTON #4
emberton EMBERTON
Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, University Col
Known for Active Surveillance | Magnetic Resonance | Multiparametric Mri | Prostate Cancer
Peter L Choyke #5
Peter L Choyke
Molecular Imaging Branch, Center for Cancer Research, Nation
Known for Magnetic Resonance | Active Surveillance | Infrared Photoimmunotherapy | Monoclonal Antibodies
Fritz H Schröder #6
Fritz H Schröder
Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Departm
Known for European Randomized Study | Specific Antigen | Active Surveillance | Prostatic Neoplasms
Olivier Rouvière #7
Olivier Rouvière
INSERM, LabTau, U1032, Lyon, France | Inserm, LabTau, U1032,
Known for Focal Therapy | Magnetic Resonance | Multiparametric Mri | Focused Ultrasound
Johnathan I Jonathan #8
Johnathan I Jonathan
Department of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the U
Known for Gleason Score | Needle Biopsy | Active Surveillance | Urothelial Carcinoma
Monique J Roobol #9
Monique J Roobol
Department of Urology, Cancer Institute, Erasmus University
Known for European Randomized Study | Specific Antigen | Early Detection | Prostate Cancer
Michel Bolla #10
Michel Bolla
Grenoble Alpes University, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
Known for Radiation Therapy | Eau Guidelines | Eortc Trial | Androgen Suppression