• Coriocarcinoma
  • Coriocarcinoma

    Coriocarcinoma: Top KOLs in the world

    Shahrokh Francois Shariat #1
    Shahrokh Francois Shariat
    Department of Urology, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Medical
    Known for Urothelial Carcinoma | Disease Recurrence | Lymph Node | Radical Cystectomy | Bladder Cancer
    Yair R Lotan #2
    Yair R Lotan
    Department of Urology, University of Texas Southwestern Medi
    Known for Urothelial Carcinoma | Disease Recurrence | Oncologic Outcomes | Bladder Cancer | Radical Cystectomy

    Takashi Tajiri #3
    Takashi Tajiri
    Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan | Department of Surgery,
    Known for Remnant Stomach | Colorectal Cancer | Pylori Infection | Gastric Varices | Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Wareef Kabbani #4
    Wareef Kabbani
    Methodist Richardson Medical Center, Richardson, Texas, USA.
    Known for Radical Nephroureterectomy | Squamous Cell Carcinoma | Tumour Architecture | Urinary Cytology | Anterior Compartment
    Noritake Tanaka #5
    Noritake Tanaka
    Department of Surgery, Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusoh H
    Known for Cell Differentiation | Corpuscular Volume | Nude Mice | Intestinal Metaplasia | Gastric Cancer
    Department of Pathology, Chiba-Hokusoh Hospital, Nippon Medi
    Known for Corpuscular Volume | Gastric Cancer | Alveolar Capillaries | Colorectal Adenoma | Cell Differentiation
    Kiyonori Furukawa #7
    Kiyonori Furukawa
    Department of Surgery, Nippon Medical School | Department of
    Known for Nodular Fasciitis | Sigmoid Colon | Biliary Communication | Colorectal Cancer | Cell Differentiation
    Tomoko Tomoko #8
    Tomoko Tomoko
    Department of Surgery, Chiba-Hokusoh Hospital, Nippon Medica
    Known for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor | Lumican Expression | Fibroblast Growth Factor | Colorectal Cancer | Cell Differentiation
    David A Duchene #9
    David A Duchene
    University of Kansas, Department of Urology, University of K
    Known for Renal Masses | Older Donors | Active Surveillance | Porcine Model | Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
    Takeshi Yamada #10
    Takeshi Yamada
    Department of Gastrointestinal and Hepato‐Biliary‐Pancreatic
    Known for Anastomotic Leakage | Adjuvant Chemotherapy | Kras Mutations | Colorectal Cancer | Liquid Biopsy

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