• Crack Addiction
  • Crack Addiction

    Crack Addiction: Top KOLs in the world

    Mark  S Gold #1
    Mark S Gold
    Department of Psychiatry, Tulane School of Medicine, New Orl
    Known for Food Addiction | Cocaine Dependence | Reward Deficiency Syndrome | Opiate Withdrawal | Trh Test
    Herbert D Kleber #2
    Herbert D Kleber
    New York State Psychiatric institute, Columbia University Me
    Known for Cocaine Abuse | Methadone Maintenance | Drug Dependence | United States | Opiate Addicts

    Frank H Gawin #3
    Frank H Gawin
    Received November 15, 1999; revised December 7, 1999; accept
    Known for Flupenthixol Decanoate | Interpersonal Psychotherapy | Methadone Maintenance Patients | Substance Disorders | Cocaine Abuse
    Boston University, Boston, MA | Department of Pediatrics, Bo
    Known for Preterm Birth | Maternal Depression | Early Childhood | Fetal Growth | Adolescent Mothers
    Hortensia de Los Angeles Amaro #5
    Hortensia de Los Angeles Amaro
    Robert Stempel College Of Public Health and Social Work and
    Known for Female Sex Workers | Hispanic Women | Hiv Risk | Substance Abuse | Ciudad Juarez
     THOMAS R Kosten #6
    THOMAS R Kosten
    Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA | Department of
    Known for Cocaine Dependence | Substance Abuse | Cognitive Deficits | Schizophrenic Patients | Chronic Schizophrenia
    Bruce James Rounsaville, #7
    Bruce James Rounsaville,
    Yale School of Medicine | Department of Psychiatry, Yale Uni
    Known for Opiate Addicts | Substance Abuse | Cocaine Dependence | Psychiatric Disorders | Contingency Management
    Howard J Cabral #8
    Howard J Cabral
    Department of Biostatistics, Boston University School of Pub
    Known for Health Literacy | Depressive Symptoms | United States | Prenatal Cocaine Exposure | 12 Months
    Eugene R Oetting #9
    Eugene R Oetting
    Department of Psychology, Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention R
    Known for Cultural Identification | Indian Youth | Adolescent Drug | Primary Socialization Theory | Anger Expression
    Javad H Kashani #10
    Javad H Kashani
    Case Western Reserve University, Child and Adolescent Servic
    Known for Community Sample | Anger Expression | Social Support | Depressive Disorder | Life Events

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