• Crooked Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth

    Crooked Teeth: Top KOLs in the world

    Kevin D O'Brien #1
    Kevin D O'Brien
    Manchester Clinical Trials Unit, School of Health Sciences,
    Known for Otitis Media | Cleft Palate | Core Outcome | Oral Health | Orthodontic Treatment
    Ceib L Phillips #2
    Ceib L Phillips
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA | UNC Adams S
    Known for North Carolina | Periodontal Pathology | Molar Region | Caries Experience | Orthognathic Surgery

    William R Proffit #3
    William R Proffit
    Department of Orthodontics, University of North Carolina Sch
    Known for Mandibular Advancement | Class Iii | Distance Learning | Orthognathic Surgery | Orthodontic Treatment
    Bjørn Øgaard #4
    Bjørn Øgaard
    Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry,
    Known for Orthodontic Brackets | White Spot Lesions | Enamel Surface | Oral Hygiene | Dental Caries
    José Manuel Almerich‐Silla #5
    José Manuel Almerich‐Silla
    Departamento de Estomatología, Facultad de Medicina y Odonto
    Known for Dental Caries | Psychosocial Impact | Periodontal Disease | Oral Health Knowledge | Orthodontic Treatment
    José María Montiel Company #6
    José María Montiel Company
    Department of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
    Known for Systematic Review Metaanalysis | Chronic Periodontitis | Caries Prevalence | Psychosocial Impact | Orthodontic Treatment
    William C Shaw #7
    William C Shaw
    University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. | Greater Manchest
    Known for Primary Surgery | Dental Arch Relationships | Orthodontic Treatment | Cleft Lip | United Kingdom
    Stephen Richmond #8
    Stephen Richmond
    Applied Clinical Research and Public Health, School of Denti
    Known for Class Iii | General Dental Service | Orthognathic Surgery | Orthodontic Treatment | Facial Shape
    Christopher T Roberts #9
    Christopher T Roberts
    School of Epidemiology and Health Sciences, University of Ma
    Known for Cleft Lip | Assisted Feeding | Dentofacial Form | 74 Dentists | Orthodontic Treatment
    Mary Andrews #10
    Mary Andrews
    Department of Child Dental Health, Dental School, University
    Known for Corrective Outcome Assessment | 74 Dentists | Appliance Types | General Dental Services | Orthodontic Treatment

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