• Crossbite Treatment
  • Crossbite Treatment

    Crossbite Treatment: Top KOLs in the world

    Department of Orthodontics, Institute of Odontology, The Sah
    Known for Osseointegrated Implants | Postnormal Occlusion | Cleft Lip | Orthodontic Treatment | Craniofacial Morphology
    Bertil Lennartsson #2
    Bertil Lennartsson
    Departments of Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery, Faculty of O
    Known for Cleft Lip | Dentigerous Cysts | Muscle Spindles | Transalveolar Transplantation | Palate Patients

    Avinoam Yaffe #3
    Avinoam Yaffe
    Department of Prosthodontics, Haddasah Faculty of Dental Med
    Known for Local Delivery | Amino Bisphosphonate | Mucoperiosteal Flap | Tissue Engineering | Alveolar Bone
    Ilana Brin #4
    Ilana Brin
    Department of Orthodontics, Hebrew University-Hadassah Schoo
    Known for Familial Dysautonomia | Permanent Successors | Idiopathic Scoliosis | Agenesis Site | Primary Incisors
    Yocheved Ben‐Bassat #5
    Yocheved Ben‐Bassat
    Department of Orthodontics, Hebrew University-Hadassah Schoo
    Known for Metallic Implants | Mandibular Remodeling | Idiopathic Scoliosis | Agenesis Site | Primary Incisors
    George Kutin #6
    George Kutin
    Rochester, N. Y., USA
    Known for Reliable Reference Points | Normal Occlusion | Posterior Cross | Mixed Dentition | Corrective Tooth
    Roland R Hawes #7
    Roland R Hawes
    Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, New York 14603, U.S.A. | R
    Known for Corrective Tooth | Gingival Hyperplasia | Posterior Cross | Mixed Dentition | Oral Physiotherapy
    Haruaki Hayasaki #8
    Haruaki Hayasaki
    Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health S
    Known for Lateral Excursion | Rapid Maxillary Expansion | Mouth Opening | Primary Dentition | Camp Factor
    Bengt F Ingervall #9
    Bengt F Ingervall
    Department of Orthodontics, University of Bern, Bern, Switze
    Known for Facial Morphology | Orthodontic Treatment | Angle Class | Retruded Position | Tooth Contacts
    J Freeman #10
    J Freeman
    Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois, US
    Known for Hospital Epidemiology | Quark Mass | Higgs Boson | Methodologic Issues | Nosocomial Infection

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    Crossbite A crossbite is an orthodontic condition in which the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, rather than outside. This can occur in the front teeth or the...