• Cuff Pressure
  • Cuff Pressure

    Cuff Pressure: Top KOLs in the world

    Ronald D Seegobin #1
    Ronald D Seegobin
    From Queens University and Kingston General Hospital, Kingst
    Known for Frequency Content | Large Volume | Coronary Artery Disease | Frank Lead | Sex Difference
    Gillian L van Hasselt #2
    Gillian L van Hasselt
    The Shakleton Department of Anaesthesia, Southampton General
    Known for Endoscopic Study | Clinical Seal | Large Volume | Tracheal Mucosa

    Markus Weiss #3
    Markus Weiss
    Department of Anesthesia, University Children's Hospital, Zu
    Known for Cuff Pressure | Pediatric Patients | Syringe Pump | Fluid Leakage | Tracheal Tube
    Saad Nseir #4
    Saad Nseir
    Médecine Intensive-Réanimation, CHU Lille, Lille, France | L
    Known for Mechanical Ventilation | Cuff Pressure | Personal Fees | Critically Patients | Continuous Control
    ANTONIO Artigas #5
    ANTONIO Artigas
    Critical Care Department, Hospital Sabadell, Corporació Sani
    Known for Continuous Aspiration | Intubated Patients | Interobserver Variability | Subglottic Secretions | Gastric Intramucosal
    Alain V Durocher #6
    Alain V Durocher
    Intensive care department, Université de Lille, CHU Lille, L
    Known for Cuff Pressure | Continuous Control | Consensus Conference | Fluid Responsiveness | Mechanical Ventilation
    Mary Lou Sole #7
    Mary Lou Sole
    University of Central Florida, College of Nursing, Orlando,
    Known for Mechanical Ventilation | College Students | Endotracheal Suctioning | Airway Management | Cuff Pressure
    Alexander Dullenkopf #8
    Alexander Dullenkopf
    Institut Fuer Anaesthesie und Intensivmedizin, Spital Thurga
    Known for Cuff Pressure | Air Leakage | Cerebral Oxygenation | Diaphragmatic Excursion | Tracheal Tube
    Melody Bennett #9
    Melody Bennett
    Daleen Penoyer, PhD, RN, CCRP, FCNS, FCCM, has more than 45
    Known for Endotracheal Suctioning | Respiratory Infections | Registered Nurses | Cuff Pressure | Mechanical Ventilation
    Charles Hugo Marquette #10
    Charles Hugo Marquette
    University Côte d'Azur, FHU-OncoAge, Department of Pulmonary
    Known for Tumor Cells | Severe Emphysema | Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis | Cuff Pressure | Lung Cancer

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