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Cyclobenzaprine: Top KOLs in the world

Cyril S McFarlane #1
Cyril S McFarlane
Merck Frosst Center for Therapeutic Research P.O. Box 1005,
Known for Kojic Amine |  Biological Profile |  Montelukast Sodium |  Lipoxygenase Inhibitors |  Leukotriene D4
Norman N Share #2
Norman N Share
Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, Merck Sharp & Dohm
Known for Induced Emphysema |  Intracerebral Substance |  Narcotic Agents |  Furoyl Saccharin |  Kojic Amine

Charles D Barnes #3
Charles D Barnes
Pharmacology/Toxicology Program, Department of Veterinary an
Known for Decerebrate Cats |  Brain Stem |  Vestibular Nerve |  Locus Coeruleus |  Spinal Cord
W A Katz #4
W A Katz
Rheumatology Division of the Presbyterian Medical Center, Ph
Known for Eosinophilic Fasciitis |  Urate Crystals |  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus |  Rheumatoid Arthritis |  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Marvin L Constanzer #5
Marvin L Constanzer
Department of Drug Metabolism, Merck Research Laboratories,
Known for Liquid Chromatography |  Vitamin D3 |  Tandem Mass |  Biological Fluids |  Human Plasma
Howard B Hucker #6
Howard B Hucker
Departments of Drug Metabolism and Clinical Research, Merck
Known for Plasma Levels |  Rhesus Monkey |  Gas Chromatography |  Glc Determination |  Physiological Disposition
David G Borenstein #7
David G Borenstein
Department of Medicine, The George Washington University Med
Known for Synovial Fluid |  Septic Arthritis |  Muscle Spasm |  Chronic Low |  Task Force
Susan C Stauffer #8
Susan C Stauffer
Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, West Point, Penn.
Known for Rhesus Monkey |  Glc Method |  Physiological Disposition |  New Pelletized Form |  Plasma Levels
Patrick G O'Malley #9
Patrick G O'Malley
Department of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of Hea
Known for Electron Beam |  Computed Tomography |  Alcohol Intake |  Coronary Calcium |  Psychiatric Disorders
Jeffrey L Jackson #10
Jeffrey L Jackson
General Medicine Division, Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Ce
Known for Carotid Bruits |  Internal Medicine |  Botulinum Toxin |  Blood Pressure |  Mental Disorders