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  • Data Analysis Data

    Data Analysis Data: Top KOLs in the world

    David Kirk #1
    David Kirk
    School of Education, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G4 0
    Known for Social Construction | Young People | Activist Approach | Physical Education | Foundation Phase
    David Botstein #2
    David Botstein
    Calico Life Sciences, LLC, South San Francisco, United State
    Known for Saccharomyces Cerevisiae | Salmonella Typhimurium | Cell Cycle | Phage P22 | Gene Expression

    Doune Macdonald #3
    Doune Macdonald
    Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, The Universi
    Known for Young People | Hong Kong | Social Construction | Professional Standards | Physical Activity
    Age K Smilde #4
    Age K Smilde
    Machine Intelligence Department, Simula Metropolitan Center
    Known for Principal Component Analysis | Reaction Rate Constants | Batch Processes | Robustness Coefficient | Metabolomics Data
    Kathleen M Armour #5
    Kathleen M Armour
    Pro-Vice-Chancellor-Education, University of Birmingham, Bir
    Known for Professional Development | Young People | Physical Education | Social Media | Coaching Process
    Anil Kumar Jain #6
    Anil Kumar Jain
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan Sta
    Known for Fingerprint Matching | Feature Selection | Biometric Recognition | Image Retrieval | Data Clustering
    Phillip S Philip #7
    Phillip S Philip
    Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois Chica
    Known for Data Mining | Community Detection | Extensive Experiments | Deep Learning | Social Networks
    Patrick J Flynn #8
    Patrick J Flynn
    University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame 46556, United States |
    Known for Pupil Dilation | Facial Marks | Biometric Menagerie | Iris Recognition | Identical Twins
    Musti Narasimha Murty #9
    Musti Narasimha Murty
    Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Instit
    Known for Graph Classification | Evolutionary Algorithms | Pattern Recognition | Outlier Detection | Categorical Data
    Iven Van Mechelen #10
    Iven Van Mechelen
    Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven, L
    Known for Data Blocks | Emotional Experience | Emotion Explosiveness | Individual Differences | Hierarchical Classes

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