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Aim: This was to evaluate the influence of mothers’ oral healthrelated knowledge and attitudes on the tooth-brushing behaviour and dental health of their children and to compare the effect of these maternal aspects on child’s oral health. study design and methods: In 2005, an oral health study conducted among a random sample of 457 mother and child pairs in Tehran, Iran, used self-administered questionnaires to provide data on mothers’ oral health-related knowledge and attitudes and ...

Known for Dental Health |  Mothers Oral |  Knowledge Children |  Attitudes Practice Humans |  Mother Child
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Psychological stress in undergraduate dental students: fifth year outcomes compared with first year baseline results from five European dental schools.

OBJECTIVE: To compare the levels of a series of health-related indicators from a cohort of fifth year dental students from five European schools with their first year scores, and to investigate the relationship between these follow-up measures.

METHODS: Burnout was measured using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), consisting of three ...

Known for Psychological Stress |  Dental Students |  Physical Health |  Maslach Burnout Inventory |  Burnout Measured
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OBJECTIVES: To study the oral health behaviour (OHB) of Iranian senior dental students in relation to their gender, background characteristics, knowledge of preventive care, and attitudes towards preventive dentistry.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Using a cluster random sampling approach, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 327 senior dental students in seven dental schools. The questionnaire covered age, gender, parents' employment in dentistry, previous academic education in dental ...

Known for Oral Health |  Dental Students |  Preventive Attitudes |  Sugary Snacks |  Background Characteristics
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Dentists' perceptions and management of the pain experienced by children during treatment were examined in surveys of 198 American and 230 Finnish dentists. Two pain management areas were studied: communication and the use of anaesthetics and sedation. Neither group of dentists routinely questioned children about pain, but encouraging the child to report pain during treatment was more common; the USA dentists asked about pain more often than the Finnish dentists, whereas the Finnish ...

Known for Children Pain |  Dental Treatment |  Surveys Questionnaires |  Health Personnel |  Adult Anesthesia
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BACKGROUND: Tobacco use adversely affects oral health. Tobacco use prevention and cessation (TUPAC) counselling guidelines recommend that healthcare providers ask about each patient's tobacco use, assess the patient's readiness and willingness to stop, document tobacco use habits, advise the patient to stop, assist and help in quitting, and arrange monitoring of progress at follow-up appointments. Adherence to such guidelines, especially among dental providers, is poor. To improve ...

Known for Dental Providers |  Cessation Counselling |  Implementation Difficulties |  Guideline Adherence |  Controlled Trial
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BACKGROUND: Schools can be an important setting for health education programmes, controlling the growing burden of oral diseases and promoting oral health. Aim. The aim of this study was to evaluate the short-term effect of school-based educational intervention on oral cleanliness and gingival health of 15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran.

DESIGN: The present cluster randomized trial was based on exposing students (n = 287; control, n = 130) at public schools to oral health knowledge through a ...

Known for Gingival Health |  Dental Plaque |  Attitudes Practice Humans |  Improve Oral |  School Based
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OBJECTIVE: We investigated the effects of rheumatic diseases on oral symptoms, health habits, and quality of life in subjects with and without rheumatic diseases. The hypothesis was that patients with rheumatic diseases have more oral symptoms impairing their quality of life than healthy controls.

METHODS: A questionnaire was mailed to a random sample of 1500 members of the Finnish Rheumatism Association, including those with and without rheumatic diseases. We focused on symptoms of the ...

Known for Rheumatic Diseases |  Oral Health |  Quality Life |  Temporomandibular Joint |  Case Control
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BACKGROUND: Tobacco use adversely affects oral health. Clinical guidelines recommend that dental providers promote tobacco abstinence and provide patients who use tobacco with brief tobacco use cessation counselling. Research shows that these guidelines are seldom implemented, however. To improve guideline adherence and to develop effective interventions, it is essential to understand provider behaviour and challenges to implementation. This study aimed to develop a theoretically ...

Known for Implementation Difficulties |  Dental Providers |  Cessation Counselling |  Topic Practice Patterns |  Tobacco Prevention
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Obesity, dental caries and periodontal diseases are among major public health concerns which may affect children’s growth and development. This study seeks any clustering between obesity, oral health and life-style factors among school children in Istanbul, Turkey. A cross-sectional study of children, 10- to 12-year-olds, from a public and a private school was undertaken with questionnaires for children and their mothers and child oral health data, in Istanbul (n = 611). DMFS (number of ...

Known for School Children |  Oral Health |  Obesity Dental Caries |  Body Mass Bmi |  Life Style


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molars acute #1
435 answers #1
responses likert scale #1
preadolescents gingival health #1
sugary snacks beverages #1
employer‐provided dental #1
finns periodontal #1
age critical point #1
population counterparts #1
distoangular molar risk #1
scores preventive #1
morning 47 #1
education subjects #1
status dentists #1
treatment decisions sector #1
dental practice units #1
retreatment periapical surgery #1
obesity dental #1
treatmentmix new attenders #1
students dental floss #1
dentists ergonomic #1
47 dts #1
calculus cpitn #1
finnish dmfs #1
access subsidized #1
toothbrushing finland #1
subsidized dental association #1
state eruption #1
turkish finnish #1
new dental curriculum #1
178 bitewing #1
finnish dentists tobacco #1
psis dental #1
promotion periodontal health #1
clinical periodontal examination #1
chronic workrelated conditions #1
interviewees positive attitude #1
957 interviewees #1
lowcost dental #1
interviewees 1971 #1
knowledge preventive #1
radiography impacted tooth #1
common 55 reason #1
skin symptoms pgroup #1
status molars #1
persons drawn #1

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