A Massive Abdominal Wall Desmoid Tumor Occurring in a Laparotomy Scar: A Case Report

Authors: Joseph Kimani WanjeriCollins JO Opeya
Year: 2011
Times cited: 20

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A massive abdominal wall desmoid tumor occurring in a laparotomy scar: A case report


INTRODUCTION: Desmoid tumors are benign but locally aggressive tumors of mesenchymal origin which are poorly circumscribed, infiltrate the surrounding tissue, lack a true capsule and are composed of abundant collagen. History of trauma to the site of tumor origin is elicited in up to 1 in 4 cases and they most commonly develop in the anterior abdominal wall and shoulder girdle but they can arise in any skeletal muscle. The clinical behavior and natural history of desmoid tumors are unpredictable and management is difficult with many issues remaining controversial, mainly regarding early detection, the role, type and timing of surgery and the value of non-operative therapies.

CASE PRESENTATION: We report a case of a 23 year old male referred from a district hospital to a national referral hospital in Kenya, after developing a huge abdominal wall desmoid tumor following laparotomy for a blunt abdominal injury fourteen months earlier. The tumor was successfully excised and the abdominal wall defect reconstructed using a vicryl/prolene mesh and a unilateral groin flap. The patient had a non-eventful recovery and was discharged through radiotherapy clinic.

CONCLUSION: Wide margin tumor excision alone is a reasonable option in the management of desmoid tumors.

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