Mesenteric Desmoid Tumor of the Interposed Jejunal Pouch After Total Gastrectomy

Authors: Hiroki YamaueMasaji MasajiHiroyuki KinoshitaKoichi Tamura
Year: 2006
Times cited: 14

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Mesenteric desmoid tumor of the interposed jejunal pouch after total gastrectomy


BACKGROUND: Desmoid tumor is a rare entity, and most desmoid tumors are located in abdominal wall or extra-abdominal tissues. Occurrence of desmoid tumor in mesentry is extremely rare.

CASE PRESENTATION: we report a mesenteric desmoid tumor in a 73-years-old woman who had undergone total gastrectomy reconstructed with jejunal pouch interposition for gastric carcinoma. After 1 year, a tumor was originating from mesentery of the interposed jejunal pouch was identified, and the patient underwent resection of the large mass which was found to invade pancreas. Histological examination revealed desmoid tumor.

CONCLUSION: Desmoid tumor is rare, and it was difficult for the differential diagnosis of desmoid tumor or recurrent tumor.

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