Gang Chen

Gang Chen

Ministry Of Education, Chongqing University, School Of Optoelectronic Engineering, Shapingba, Chongq

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diabetic foot
postoperative analgesia
assisted diagnosis
hip arthroplasty
posterior quadratus
lumborum block
topical application

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birth weight
lung cancer
southern ocean
infant formula
chinese adults
phylogenetic ctdna
hepatocellular carcinoma

Prominent publications by Gang Chen

KOL-Index: 257
Known for
Interpretation | Guidelines | Assays
KOL-Index: 103 With an escalating number of predictive biomarkers emerging in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC), immunohistochemistry (IHC) is being used as a rapid and cost-effective tool for the screening and detection of many of these markers. In particular, robust IHC assays performed on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue are widely used as surrogate markers for ALK and ROS1 ...
Known for
Cytology-Specific | Procurement | Alcohol-Based Fixatives | Cost-Effective Tool
KOL-Index: 99 High-level tissue tumor mutational burden (tTMB) or blood TMB (bTMB) are associated with better response of immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. However, the correlations of single-region tTMB, multi-region tTMB and bTMB remain to be determined. Moreover, whether intratumor heterogeneity (ITH) has impact on TMB should be clarified. We collected multi-region tumor ...
Known for
Ttmb Fold | Ith Tmb | Extremely Specificity | Stronger Correlation
KOL-Index: 98 Abstract. The Southern Ocean is a critical component of Earth's climate system, but its remoteness makes it challenging to develop a holistic understanding of its processes from the small scale to the large scale. As a result, our knowledge of this vast region remains largely incomplete. The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE, austral summer 2016/2017) surveyed a large number of ...
Known for
Spca Environmental
KOL-Index: 96 Objectives: Nationwide studies focusing on the impact of early-onset type 2 diabetes and obesity on the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are limited in China. We aimed to investigate the association between age at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and the risk of CVD, and to further examine the modifying effect of obesity on this association among Chinese adults. Methods: This study ...
Known for
Interviewer-Assisted Questionnaire | Diabetes Nationwide | 14 Increased | 95 Cis
KOL-Index: 95 Multiple tumor nodules are seen with increasing frequency in clinical practice. On the basis of the 2015 WHO classification of lung tumors, we assessed the reproducibility of the comprehensive histologic assessment to distinguish second primary lung cancers (SPLCs) from intrapulmonary metastases (IPMs), looking for the most distinctive histologic features. An international panel of lung ...
Known for
Necrosis | 48 | Pattern Splc | Distinguishing
KOL-Index: 92 Low-frequency quasiperiodic oscillations (LFQPOs) are commonly found in black hole X-ray binaries, and their origin is still under debate. The properties of LFQPOs at high energies (above 30 keV) are closely related to the nature of the accretion flow in the innermost regions, and thus play a crucial role in critically testing various theoretical models. The Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope ...
Known for
High-Energy Photons | Kev Black | Energy-Related Behaviours | Emissions
KOL-Index: 88 In order to improve the diagnosis efficiency of lumbar disc herniation (LDH) and reduce the impact of manual intervention in the traditional computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of LDH patients were selected as the research objects in this study. Firstly, the conditional deep convolutional generative adversarial network (CDCGAN) was constructed, ...
Known for
Accuracy Cdcgan | Kyphotic Angle | Dural Sac | Diagnosis Efficiency
KOL-Index: 83 ABSTRACT North China and South Siberia, mainly populated by Altaic-speaking populations, possess extensive ethnolinguistic diversity and serve as the crossroad for the initial peopling of America and western-eastern trans-continental communication. Yet, the complex scenarios of genetic origin, population structure, and admixture history of North-East Asia remain to be fully characterized, ...
Known for
People Northern | History Western | Genetic Neolithic | Yrb
KOL-Index: 81 In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing technologies lead to its new applications in the area of healthcare and medicine, including dentistry, orthopedics, cardiovascular, pharmaceutics, neurosurgery, engineered tissue models, medical devices, and anatomical models. Dentistry is widely acknowledged to benefit from 3D printing technologies due to its needs for the customization ...
Known for
Printing Imaging Technologies | Customization | Orthopedics | Personalization

Ministry of Education, Chongqing University, School of Optoelectronic Engineering, Shapingba, Chongq

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