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      Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, Singapore. | Health Services & Systems Research, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore. | Singapore National Eye Centre, Duke-NUS Medical ...

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      Wong Tien Yin Wong:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichWong Tien Yin Wonghas direct influence:Diabetic retinopathy,Blood pressure,Retinal vascular caliber,Visual impairment,Cognitive impairment,Macular degeneration,Type 2 diabetes,Retinal vascular.

      Wong Tien Yin Wong:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Wong Tien Yin Wong has influence:Diabetic retinopathy,Type 2 diabetes,Blood pressure,Optical coherence,Macular degeneration,Visual acuity,Cataract surgery.

      KOL Resume for Wong Tien Yin Wong


      Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, Singapore.

      Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore National Eye Center, Singapore, Singapore

      Tsinghua Medicine, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

      Centre for Eye Research Australia, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


      Duke-NUS Medical School, National University of Singapore (T.Y.W.).

      Department of Ophthalmology, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

      Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC), Singapore, Singapore

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      Sample of concepts for which Wong Tien Yin Wong is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      astigmatism singapore adults #1
      retinal neuronal #1
      interventions visual acuity #1
      angle width aca #1
      caliber diabetes #1
      reduced fractal dimension #1
      glaucoma worldwide #1
      3280 malays #1
      vtdr pdr #1
      risk factors participants #1
      global prevalence glaucoma #1
      study simes #1
      iad8 #1
      bmi vtdr #1
      gcct rnflt #1
      anydr vtdr #1
      participants iai #1
      participants ethnic chinese #1
      kidney eye diseases #1
      eyeglass affordability #1
      baseline retinal photographs #1
      agestandardized prevalence #1
      ongoing epidemiology #1
      uniocular #1
      indian immigrants singapore #1
      sleep study sdb #1
      rvedm #1
      simes‐2 #1
      singapore eye #1
      avr crae #1
      retinal vascular profile #1
      inflammatory load periodontitis #1
      pcv typical pcv #1
      true vessels #1
      retcat #1
      humans retinal #1
      photography retinal #1
      pulse cycle variability #1
      smaller birth size #1
      95 poag #1
      acc pcal #1
      cortical psc #1
      retinopathy baseline #1
      retinal vessel diameter #1
      pcv combination #1
      positive predictive specificity #1
      mtm mmd #1
      amd data #1
      intravitreal injections amd #1
      toddlers young children #1
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      Prominent publications by Wong Tien Yin Wong

      KOL-Index: 29480

      BACKGROUND: The Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) 2017 comparative risk assessment (CRA) is a comprehensive approach to risk factor quantification that offers a useful tool for synthesising evidence on risks and risk-outcome associations. With each annual GBD study, we update the GBD CRA to incorporate improved methods, new risks and risk-outcome pairs, and new data on risk exposure levels and risk-outcome associations.

      METHODS: We used the CRA framework ...

      Known for Risk Exposure | Study 2017 | Deaths Dalys | 195 Countries | Middle East
      KOL-Index: 23482

      BACKGROUND: Underweight, overweight, and obesity in childhood and adolescence are associated with adverse health consequences throughout the life-course. Our aim was to estimate worldwide trends in mean body-mass index (BMI) and a comprehensive set of BMI categories that cover underweight to obesity in children and adolescents, and to compare trends with those of adults.

      METHODS: We pooled 2416 population-based studies with measurements of height and weight on 128·9 million participants ...

      Known for Worldwide Trends | Bmi Prevalence | Pooled Analysis | 1 2 | Boys Obesity
      KOL-Index: 23431

      PURPOSE: To describe the prevalence and causes of low vision and blindness in a rural population in Northern China.

      DESIGN: Population-based, cross-sectional study.

      PARTICIPANTS: A study of 6830 Han Chinese aged 30 years and older was conducted between October 2006 and October 2007 in rural Yongnian County in Handan, Northern China.

      METHODS: Clustered samples of adults aged 30 years or more residing in 13 residential villages were selected randomly and were invited to participate the ...

      Known for Low Vision | Handan Eye Study | Prevalence Blindness | Rural Chinese | Northern China
      KOL-Index: 22458

      Importance: A deep learning system (DLS) is a machine learning technology with potential for screening diabetic retinopathy and related eye diseases.

      Objective: To evaluate the performance of a DLS in detecting referable diabetic retinopathy, vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy, possible glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in community and clinic-based multiethnic populations with diabetes.

      Design, Setting, and Participants: Diagnostic performance of a DLS for ...

      Known for Diabetic Retinopathy | Eye Diseases | Retinal Images | Deep Learning | Specificity Dls
      KOL-Index: 21948

      Importance: Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) is a common subtype of exudative age-related macular degeneration among Asian individuals. To our knowledge, there are no large randomized clinical trials to evaluate intravitreal ranibizumab, with and without verteporfin photodynamic therapy (vPDT), for the treatment of PCV.

      Objective: To compare the efficacy and safety of combination therapy of ranibizumab and vPDT with ranibizumab monotherapy in PCV.

      Design, Setting, and ...

      Known for Combination Therapy | Clinical Trial | Participants Ranibizumab | 12 Months | Choroidal Vasculopathy
      KOL-Index: 18639

      BACKGROUND: One of the global targets for non-communicable diseases is to halt, by 2025, the rise in the age-standardised adult prevalence of diabetes at its 2010 levels. We aimed to estimate worldwide trends in diabetes, how likely it is for countries to achieve the global target, and how changes in prevalence, together with population growth and ageing, are affecting the number of adults with diabetes.

      METHODS: We pooled data from population-based studies that had collected data on ...

      Known for Worldwide Trends | Adults Diabetes | Pooled Analysis | Population Growth | Women Countries
      KOL-Index: 18614

      BACKGROUND: Comparable global data on health and nutrition of school-aged children and adolescents are scarce. We aimed to estimate age trajectories and time trends in mean height and mean body-mass index (BMI), which measures weight gain beyond what is expected from height gain, for school-aged children and adolescents.

      METHODS: For this pooled analysis, we used a database of cardiometabolic risk factors collated by the Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factor Collaboration. We applied a ...

      Known for Boys Girls | Children Adolescents | Bmi Height | Weight Gain | Mass Child
      KOL-Index: 18512

      PURPOSE: To describe the prevalence and causes of visual impairment and blindness in an urban Indian population.

      DESIGN: Population-based study.

      PARTICIPANTS: Ethnic Indians aged more than 40 years living in Singapore.

      METHODS: Participants underwent standardized ophthalmic assessments for visual impairment and blindness, defined using best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and presenting visual acuity (PVA), according to US and modified World Health Organization (WHO) definitions.

      MAIN ...

      Known for Visual Impairment | Singapore India | Bilateral Blindness | Eye Study | Aged Prevalence
      KOL-Index: 18051

      PURPOSE: To describe the distribution of intraocular pressure (IOP) and its cross-sectional relationship to age, systolic blood pressure (sBP), and central corneal thickness (CCT) in an Asian population.

      METHODS: This was a population-based, cross-sectional study of 3280 Malay subjects (78.7% response) aged 40 to 80 years residing in Singapore. The participants had a standardized interview, examination, and ocular imaging at a centralized study clinic. IOP was measured with Goldmann ...

      Known for Central Corneal Thickness | Iop Age | Blood Pressure | Cct Measurements | Standardized Interview
      KOL-Index: 17991

      PURPOSE: Glaucoma is the leading cause of global irreversible blindness. Present estimates of global glaucoma prevalence are not up-to-date and focused mainly on European ancestry populations. We systematically examined the global prevalence of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG), and projected the number of affected people in 2020 and 2040.

      DESIGN: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

      PARTICIPANTS: Data from 50 population-based studies (3770 POAG ...

      Known for Global Prevalence | People Glaucoma | Asia Africa | Systematic Review Metaanalysis | 95 Cri
      KOL-Index: 17961

      BACKGROUND: Diabetes has been defined on the basis of different biomarkers, including fasting plasma glucose (FPG), 2-h plasma glucose in an oral glucose tolerance test (2hOGTT), and HbA1c. We assessed the effect of different diagnostic definitions on both the population prevalence of diabetes and the classification of previously undiagnosed individuals as having diabetes versus not having diabetes in a pooled analysis of data from population-based health examination surveys in different ...

      Known for Diabetes Prevalence | Pooled Analysis | Sensitivity Hba1c | Glucose Fpg | Tolerance Test
      KOL-Index: 17893

      OBJECTIVE: Narrowed retinal arterioles may independently predict cardiovascular disease. We describe a computer-assisted method to measure retinal vessel diameters from digitized fundus photographs in a large population, and examine the correlation of retinal vessel diameters between eyes and whether refractive errors affect these measurements.

      DESIGN AND POPULATION: Population-based, cross-sectional study in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (n = 4926; age, 43-84 years).

      METHODS: Retinal ...

      Known for Retinal Vessel Diameters | Beaver Dam | Refractive Errors | Eye Study | Fundus Oculi
      KOL-Index: 17800

      PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence and risk factors for pterygium in the Chinese population of Singapore.

      METHODS: A population-based survey was conducted in Singapore, an island located 1 degree north of the equator with a stable tropical climate. A disproportionate, stratified, clustered, random sampling procedure was used to select the names of 2000 Chinese people aged 40 to 79 years from the 1996 electoral register in the Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore. Selected subjects ...

      Known for Chinese Population | Tanjong Pagar | Prevalence Pterygium | Male Sex | Increasing Age
      KOL-Index: 17794

      PURPOSE: High intraocular pressure (IOP) and large vertical cup-to-disc ratio (VCDR) are important risk factors of glaucoma. Recent genome-wide association studies have discovered several genetic variants associated with IOP and VCDR. In this study, we examined the aggregate effects of these IOP-, VCDR-associated variants on glaucoma.

      DESIGN: Case-control genetic association study.

      PARTICIPANTS: A total of 6881 participants, including 194 glaucoma and 158 primary open-angle glaucoma ...

      Known for Intraocular Pressure | Glaucoma Poag | Iop Vcdr | Aggregate Effects | Participants Tertile
      KOL-Index: 17707

      BACKGROUND: Contemporary data for causes of vision impairment and blindness form an important basis of recommendations in public health policies. Refreshment of the Global Vision Database with recently published data sources permitted modelling of cause of vision loss data from 1990 to 2015, further disaggregation by cause, and forecasts to 2020.

      METHODS: In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we analysed published and unpublished population-based data for the causes of vision ...

      Known for Vision Impairment | Global Population | Cataract Glaucoma | Agerelated Macular Degeneration | Uncorrected Refractive Error

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      Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, Singapore. | Health Services & Systems Research, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore. | Singapore National Eye Centre, Duke-NUS Medical School, National University of Singapore, Singapore | Singapore Eye Research In

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