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Diagnostic Knowledge

J R Quinlan #1
J R Quinlan
School of Computer Science and Engineering UNSW, 2052, Sydne
Known for Plausible Reasoning | Decision Trees | Uncertain Inference | Continuous Attributes
Ryszard S Michalski #2
Ryszard S Michalski
Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory, George Mason Univ
Known for Decision Rules | Knowledge Acquisition | Learnable Evolution Model | Conceptual Clustering

Johan de Kleer #3
Johan de Kleer
Palo Alto Research Center, Inc. (PARC) | Palo Alto Research
Known for Fixed Predicates | Modelbased Diagnosis | Qualitative Physics | Causal Arguments
B Chandrasekaran #4
B Chandrasekaran
The Ohio State Univ. (USA) | Laboratory for AI Research, Dep
Known for Expert Systems | Natural Language | Uncertainty Handling | Generic Tasks
Michelene T H Chi #5
Michelene T H Chi
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College, Arizona State University
Known for Emergent Processes | Human Tutoring | Natural Selection | Content Knowledge
Tom M Mitchell #6
Tom M Mitchell
Neuroscience Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsbur
Known for Unlabeled Data | Neural Representation | Transcription Factors | Machine Learning
Jerome P Kassirer #7
Jerome P Kassirer
Department of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine,
Known for Clinical Reasoning | Polycystic Kidney Disease | Metabolic Alkalosis | Life Expectancy
Geoffrey R Norman #8
Geoffrey R Norman
G.R. Norman is professor emeritus, Department of Health Rese
Known for Medical Students | Clinical Reasoning | Basic Science | Standardized Patients
Kurt A VanLehn #9
Kurt A VanLehn
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA | Computing, Inform
Known for Intelligent Tutoring | Problem Solving | Dynamic Systems | Model Construction
Mark L Graber #10
Mark L Graber
Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, Chicago, Illinois,
Known for Improving Diagnosis | Peer Review | Bubble Cells | Serum Potassium