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Diaper Rash: Top KOLs in the world

Mauricio R Odio #1
Mauricio R Odio
Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH, USA | The Procter and Gamb
Known for Petrolatum Formulation |  Salicylic Acid |  Infant Skin |  Chronic Stress |  Diaper Dermatitis
Ronald W Berg #2
Ronald W Berg
Procter and Gamble Company, Paper Products Division, Cincinn
Known for Etiologic Factors |  Skin Wetness |  6 Months |  Diaper Dermatitis |  Panty Liner

Sue Baldwin #3
Sue Baldwin
Baby Care Products, Cincinnati, Ohio USA | Corresponding aut
Known for Topical Administration |  Petrolatum Formulation |  Disposable Diaper |  Panty Liner |  Mechanical Irritation
Robert J O’Connor #4
Robert J O’Connor
Procter & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, OH, | Procter & Gamble Co.
Known for Skin Benefits |  Variance Child |  Petrolatum Formulation |  Disposable Diaper |  Topical Administration
Frank C Sarbaugh #5
Frank C Sarbaugh
Procter & Gamble Company, 6110 Center Hill Avenue, Cincinnat
Known for Skin Disorders |  Diarrhea Antibiotic |  Clinical Method |  Diaper Dermatitis |  Petrolatum Formulation
David W Wall #6
David W Wall
Department of Medical Education, Centre for Medical Educatio
Known for Diaper Dermatitis |  Rating Scale |  West Midlands |  Reflective Practice |  Medical Students
Helen M Goodyear #7
Helen M Goodyear
Health Education England (West Midlands), Heart of England N
Known for Reflective Practice |  Hospital Doctors |  Specialty Training |  Medical Students |  Diaper Dermatitis
Shazia Adalat #8
Shazia Adalat
UCL Department of Renal Medicine, London, United Kingdom. |
Known for Vitamin B6 |  Uk Children |  Socioeconomic Status |  Diaper Dermatitis |  Hnf1b Mutations
Marty O Visscher #9
Marty O Visscher
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnat
Known for Skin Color |  Premature Infants |  Diaper Dermatitis |  Vernix Caseosa |  Stratum Corneum
Alfred T Lane #10
Alfred T Lane
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA |
Known for Dermatitis Herpetiformis |  Gene Therapy |  Semipermeable Dressing |  Epidermolysis Bullosa |  Premature Infants


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