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    The aim of this paper has been to compare the uterine contractility, pain produced by contractions and comfort of the patients between standing and supine position. The study has been performed in twenty normal nulliparae who were changed from supine to standing position and viceversa at intervals of approximately thirty minutes. Intrauterine pressure and fetal heart rate were continuously monitored. Cervial dilatation was evaluated every thirty minutes. No medication was given to the ...

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    KOL Index score: 2256

    After 10 years of evaluation in different locations with high levels of incidence of disease, a group of sugarcane somaclones derived from callus tissues was selected for eyespot resistance. Resistance evaluations of four somaclones were performed under field and laboratory conditions. The results confirmed the superiority of two somaclones, one resistant and one tolerant to eyespot disease. Restriction analysis of mitochondrial DN A revealed that the two somaclones had a different DNA ...

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    sugarcane somaclones #9
    labor position #28

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    William R Scowcroft
    nitrogenase activity somaclonal variation chloroplast dna
    Philip J Larkin
    somaclonal variation thinopyrum intermedium gene expression
    Folke Skoog
    cytokinin activity tobacco callus plant tissues
    deciduous behavior sugar estimation chromosome complement
    Angela Karp
    genetic diversity somaclonal variation somatic hybrids
    Ronald L Phillips
    maize chromosome tissue culture hexaploid oat

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    Concepts for whichF Izquierdohas direct influence:Somaclonal variation,  Uterine contractility,  Labor position,  Uterine contractions,  Sugarcane somaclones,  Intrauterine pressure,  Uterine activity,  Position labor.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which F Izquierdo has influence:Epidural analgesia,  Maternal position,  Stage labour,  Somaclonal variation,  Crop improvement,  Ovarian stimulation,  Active phase.



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