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      Gesche F Neckelmann

      Gesche F Neckelmann

      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Jonas Liesvei 65, 5021, Bergen, Norway | Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway | ...

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      Gesche F Neckelmann:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichGesche F Neckelmannhas direct influence:Disc prosthesis,Facet arthropathy,Degenerative disc,Mri findings,Temporal bone features,Chester disease,Multidisciplinary rehabilitation,Multifidus muscles.

      Gesche F Neckelmann:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Gesche F Neckelmann has influence:Auditory hallucinations,Fractal dimension,Cortical complexity,Bipolar disorder,Mri findings,Disc degeneration,Resonance imaging.

      KOL Resume for Gesche F Neckelmann


      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Jonas Liesvei 65, 5021, Bergen, Norway


      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway


      From the Department of Neurology (A.N., C.E.K., H.N., H.Ø., N.L., U.W.-A., L.T.) and Department of Radiology (G.N.), Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway; Department of Clinical Medicine (A.N., H.N., H.Ø., L.T.) and Department of Biostatistics (J.A.), University of Bergen, Norway; and Center for Age-Related Medicine (H.N.) and Department of Radiology (K.D.K.), Stavanger University Hospital, Norway.


      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Jonas Liesvei 65, 5021 Bergen, Norway


      3 Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen 5021, Norway


      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital Bergen, Norway


      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway.

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      Sample of concepts for which Gesche F Neckelmann is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      specificity minkowskibouligand #4
      irregularities schizophrenia #4
      unique shape complexity #4
      larger fd values #4
      brain volume hemisphere #5
      normal 15 μmol #5
      complex adultonset phenotype #5
      schizophrenia fractal #5
      schizophrenia fd #6
      schizophrenia fractal dimension #7
      fd grey #7
      brain structure irregularities #7
      muscles tdr #8
      osteophyte hypertrophy erosions #8
      arthropathy evaluation #8
      tdr surgery outcomes #8
      rated facet #8
      prognosis lbsl #8
      erosions subchondral cysts #8
      osteophyte hypertrophy #8
      outcomes 2year followup #8
      facet arthropathy severity #8
      multifidus muscles outcomes #8
      findings 058 #8
      mri osteophyte hypertrophy #8
      levels mri kappa #8
      hypertrophy erosions #8
      severity osteophytes hypertrophy #8
      osteophytes hypertrophy #8
      osteophyte prostheses #8
      levels versus levels #8
      hypertrophy 058 #8
      individual findings mri #8
      mri disc prosthesis #8
      fd unique #8
      facet arthropathy evaluation #8
      arthropathy requires #8
      facet arthropathy mri #8
      lbp degenerative disc #8
      hypertrophy radiologists #8
      lbsl adult #8
      rating osteophyte #8
      tdr surgery surgery #8
      mri consistent grading #8
      total grade mri #8
      impact pabak values #9
      increasing l4 #9
      l4 l5 modic #9
      increasing l5 #9
      l5 s1 comparison #9
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      Prominent publications by Gesche F Neckelmann

      KOL-Index: 10855

      BackgroundEvidence is lacking on whether fat infiltration in the multifidus muscles affects outcomes after total disc replacement (TDR) surgery and if it develops after surgery. The aims of this study were 1) to investigate whether pre-treatment multifidus muscle fat infiltration predicts outcome 2 years after treatment with TDR surgery or multidisciplinary rehabilitation, and 2) to compare changes in multifidus muscle fat infiltration from pre-treatment to 2-year follow-up between the ...

      Known for Multifidus Muscle | Fat Infiltration | Year Follow | Patients Lbp | Chronic Low
      KOL-Index: 8684

      Mutations in the catalytic subunit of the mitochondrial DNA-polymerase gamma cause a wide spectrum of clinical disease ranging from infantile hepato-encephalopathy to juvenile/adult-onset spinocerebellar ataxia and late onset progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Several of these syndromes are associated with an encephalopathy that characteristically shows episodes of rapid neurological deterioration and the development of acute cerebral lesions. The purpose of this study was to ...

      Known for Dna Polymerase | Magnetic Resonance | Energy Failure | Cerebral Lesions | Mitochondrial Diseases
      KOL-Index: 8628

      INTRODUCTION: Limited reliability data exist for localised magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings relevant to planning of treatment with lumbar disc prosthesis and later outcomes. We assessed the reliability of such findings in chronic low back pain patients who were accepted candidates for disc prosthesis.

      METHODS: On pretreatment MRI of 170 patients (mean age 41 years; 88 women), three experienced radiologists independently rated Modic changes, disc findings and facet arthropathy at ...

      Known for Disc Prosthesis | Mri Findings | L4 L5 | Facet Arthropathy | Resonance Imaging
      KOL-Index: 7964

      ObjectiveTo examine whether combined magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings are related to the degree of disability and low back pain (LBP) in candidates for lumbar disc prosthesis surgery.Materials and methodsThis cross-sectional study included 170 disc prosthesis candidates (mean age 41 years; 88 women) with chronic non-radicular LBP and localized disc degeneration. Experienced radiologists rated Modic changes and disc findings at L4-S1 on pre-treatment MRIs. An MRI total score ...

      Known for Mri Findings | Lumbar Disc | L5 S1 | Pain Lbp | Modic Type
      KOL-Index: 7549

      BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The NOR-SASS (Norwegian Sonothrombolysis in Acute Stroke Study) aimed to assess effect and safety of contrast-enhanced ultrasound treatment in an unselected acute ischemic stroke population.

      METHODS: Patients treated with intravenous thrombolysis within 4.5 hours after symptom onset were randomized 1:1 to either contrast-enhanced sonothrombolysis (CEST) or sham CEST. A visible arterial occlusion on baseline computed tomography angiography was not a prerequisite ...

      Known for Acute Stroke Study | 24 Hours | Brain Ischemia | Sham Cest | Neurological Improvement
      KOL-Index: 7298

      Leukoencephalopathy with brainstem and spinal cord involvement and elevated lactate (LBSL) is a rare, autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the gene encoding a mitochondrial aspartyl-tRNA synthetase, DARS2. The disease is characterized by progressive spastic ataxia and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows a highly characteristic leukoencephalopathy with multiple long tract involvement. We describe the clinical and radiological features of two new cases of LBSL and report ...

      Known for Dars2 Gene | Spinal Cord Involvement | Elevated Lactate | Onset Aspartate | Clinical Severity
      KOL-Index: 7078

      The authors used voxel-based morphometry (VBM) to study GM volume differences in the whole brain volume between a group of patients with schizophrenia and a healthy control group. There were 12 patients and 12 control subjects. The subjects were scanned in a 1.5 T MR scanner. The patients had all been evaluated by a senior psychiatrist on the brief psychiatric rating scale (BPRS). The VBM data was correlated with reports of rate and frequency of hallucinations based on their scores on ...

      Known for Grey Matter | Patients Schizophrenia | Brain Volume | Temporal Gyrus | Healthy Control
      KOL-Index: 6989

      The fractal dimension (FD) was used to reveal brain structure irregularities in patients with schizophrenia. FD provides a unique way of quantifying the shape complexity of cortical folding of the human brain. MR images were obtained from seven patients with schizophrenia that were compared with six healthy control subjects. The MR images were first segmented, and the FD was calculated for the grey/white matter boundary for the whole brain and the hemispheres separately, using the ...

      Known for Fractal Dimension | Patients Schizophrenia | Automated Reproducibility | Grey Matter | Computerassisted Imaging
      KOL-Index: 5806

      PurposeA prospective study to evaluate whether certain baseline characteristics can predict outcome in patients treated with disc prosthesis or multidisciplinary rehabilitation.MethodsSecondary analysis of 154 patients with chronic low back pain (LBP) for at least 1 year and degenerative discs originally recruited for a randomized trial. Outcome measures were Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) dichotomized to < or ≥15 points improvement and whether subjects were working at 2-year follow-up. ...

      Known for Disc Prosthesis | Year Follow | Chronic Low | Modic Type | Oswestry Disability
      KOL-Index: 5554

      STUDY DESIGN: Randomized clinical trial with 2-year follow-up.

      OBJECTIVE: To assess the development of adjacent level degeneration (ALD) and index level facet arthropathy (FA) in patients treated with disc prosthesis compared with patients treated with rehabilitation.

      SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: There is controversy about the natural history of disc degeneration and the development of ALD and FA in patients who undergo disc prosthesis surgery.

      METHODS: The study included 116 patients ...

      Known for Disc Prosthesis | Facet Arthropathy | Chronic Low | Adjacent Level | Pain Lumbar
      KOL-Index: 4837

      BACKGROUND: Correct diagnosis is pivotal to understand and treat neurological disease. Herein, we report the diagnostic work-up utilizing exome sequencing and the characterization of clinical features and brain MRI in two siblings with a complex, adult-onset phenotype; including peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy, relapsing encephalopathy, bilateral thalamic lesions, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cataract, pigmentary retinopathy and tremor.

      METHODS: We applied clinical and genealogical ...

      Known for Exome Sequencing | Coa Racemase | Pristanic Acid | Metabolic Diseases | Inborn Errors
      KOL-Index: 4305

      BACKGROUND: Erdheim-Chester disease is a rare histiocytosis characterized by multi-systemic organ involvement. Immune-modulating agents such as interferon-alpha have limited success and the disorder is progressive and causes high morbidity and mortality. Treatment with the BRAF-inhibitor vemurafenib has recently produced substantial improvement in three patients with Erdheim-Chester disease expressing the p. V600E BRAF mutation. The disorder commonly affects the central nervous system ...

      Known for Chester Disease | Central Nervous | Braf Mutation | Contrast Enhancement | Rare Histiocytosis
      KOL-Index: 3452

      ObjectivesTo assess the reliability of change in lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings evaluated retrospectively by direct comparison of images and by non-comparison.Materials and methodsPre-treatment and 2-year follow-up MRI was performed in 126 patients randomized to disc prosthesis surgery or non-surgical treatment. Two experienced radiologists independently evaluated progress and regress for Modic changes, disc findings, and facet arthropathy (FA) at L3/L4, L4/L5, and ...

      Known for Disc Prosthesis | Interobserver Agreement | Mri Findings | Lumbar Magnetic | Longitudinal Studies
      KOL-Index: 2382
      Known for Chester Disease | Spinal Cord | Emission Tomography | Interferon Alpha | Adult Erdheim
      KOL-Index: 1892

      ObjectiveTo assess the reliability of lumbar facet arthropathy evaluation with computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with and without lumbar disc prosthesis and to estimate the reliability for individual CT and MRI findings indicating facet arthropathy.MethodsMetal-artifact reducing CT and MRI protocols were performed at follow-up of 114 chronic back pain patients treated with (n = 66) or without (n = 48) lumbar disc prosthesis. Three experienced ...

      Known for Facet Joint | Chronic Pain | Lower Lumbar | Intervertebral Disc | Computed Zygapophyseal

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      Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Jonas Liesvei 65, 5021, Bergen, Norway | Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway | Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, Postbox 1400, 5021, Berg

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