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Eating Disorder

Christopher G Fairburn #1
Christopher G Fairburn
Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Med
Known for Psychological Treatments | Clinical Perfectionism | Aggressive Behaviour | Bulimia Nervosa
Janet L Treasure #2
Janet L Treasure
Department of Psychological Medicine, Section of Eating Diso
Known for Type 1 Diabetes | Body Dissatisfaction | Intranasal Oxytocin | Anorexia Nervosa

Cynthia Marie Bulik #3
Cynthia Marie Bulik
Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Cha
Known for Suicide Attempts | Body Dissatisfaction | Cue Reactivity | Anorexia Nervosa
James E Mitchell #4
James E Mitchell
Sanford Center for Biobehavioral Research, 58103, Fargo, ND,
Known for Eating Disorders | Weight Loss | Longitudinal Assessment | Bariatric Surgery
Walter H Kaye #5
Walter H Kaye
University of California, San Diego | Eating Disorders Resea
Known for Impulse Control | Weight Gain | Bulimic Patients | Anorexia Nervosa
Scott J Crow #6
Scott J Crow
University of Minnesota, Department of Psychiatry and Behavi
Known for Negative Affect | Depressive Symptoms | Emotion Dysregulation | Bulimia Nervosa
David B Herzog #7
David B Herzog
Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Known for Adolescent Girls | Bone Density | Hypothalamic Amenorrhea | Anorexia Nervosa
Katherine Ann Halmi #8
Katherine Ann Halmi
Department of Psychiatry, Weil Cornell Medical College, New
Known for Weight Gain | Disorder Patients | Linkage Analysis | Anorexia Nervosa
PAMELA K Keel #9
Department of Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahas
Known for Menstrual Cycle | Purging Disorder | Ovarian Hormones | Bulimia Nervosa
Ross D Crosby #10
Ross D Crosby
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, University
Known for Bariatric Surgery | Negative Affect | Weight Loss | Anorexia Nervosa

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