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Bruce R Korf #1
Bruce R Korf
Department of Genetics, University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Known for Medical Genetics | Genomic Medicine | Genetic Testing | Neurofibromatosis Type
David H Gutmann #2
David H Gutmann
Department of Neurology, Washington University School of Med
Known for Tumor Suppressor | Tuberous Sclerosis | Gene Expression | Optic Glioma

Susan Mary Huson #3
Susan Mary Huson
Clinical Genetics, (Formerly) Manchester Center for Genomic
Known for Myotonic Dystrophy | United Kingdom | Human Pair | Nf Conference
Vincent Michael Riccardi #4
Vincent Michael Riccardi
The Neurofibromatosis Institute, La Crescenta, California, U
Known for Neurofibromatosis Type | Wilms Tumor | Schwann Cells | Cutaneous Neurofibromas
Ludwine M Messiaen #5
Ludwine M Messiaen
Medical Genomics Laboratory Department of Genetics, Universi
Known for Nf1 Gene | Situ Hybridization | Legius Syndrome | Human Pair
David H Viskochil #6
David H Viskochil
University of Utah, Department of Pediatrics, Salt Lake City
Known for Plexiform Neurofibromas | Anterolateral Bowing | Situ Hybridization | Nf1 Gene
Meena Upadhyaya #7
Meena Upadhyaya
Division of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University, Wales,
Known for Muscular Dystrophy | Human Pair | Spred1 Mutations | Neurofibromatosis Type
Jan M Friedman #8
Jan M Friedman
Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columb
Known for Birth Defects | United States | Intellectual Disability | Genetic Discrimination
Dafydd Gareth Richard Gareth #9
Dafydd Gareth Richard Gareth
Genomic Medicine, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester Centre for
Known for Lynch Syndrome | Neurofibromatosis Type | Brca1 Genes | Brca2 Mutation Carriers
Eric H Legius #10
Eric H Legius
University Hospital Leuven, Leuven, Belgium | Department for
Known for Legius Syndrome | Nf1 Patients | Predictive Testing | Ovarian Cancer