S. Claudia Didia

S. Claudia Didia

Department Of Internal Medicine, Paul L. Foster School Of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, 4800 Alberta Avenue, 79905, El Paso, Tx, Usa

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afghan refugees
sleep duration
vesicular rash
neurological symptomatology
vzv meningitis
increased cardiovascular
early initiation

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migrant female workers
afghan refugees
artificial gem manufacturing cottages
effective demographic
dalakee refugee camp
occupational status
video interpretation

Prominent publications by S. Claudia Didia

KOL-Index: 23 BACKGROUND: Due to a paucity of research on the profile of kidney diseases among refugee populations, specifically Afghan refugees in Iran, this study aimed to illustrate the pattern of kidney disease among Afghan refugees in Iran and create a database for evaluating the performance of future health services. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This was a retrospective cross sectional study, in which we ...
Known for
Pattern Renal | Referrals Females | Esrd Accounting | Age ≥60
KOL-Index: 18 Purpose of ReviewSleep is an essential component of human health, and suboptimal sleep duration has been associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. This review summarizes physiological and pathological effects of sleep duration on the cardiovascular system.Recent FindingsBoth decreased and increased duration of sleep lead to increased cardiovascular mortality and has a ...
Known for
Increased Cardiovascular Morbidity | U-Shaped Curve | Suboptimal Sleep Duration | Physiological Pathological Effects
KOL-Index: 6 Viral infection is the most common cause of aseptic meningitis with the most frequent virus associated with aseptic meningitis being enteroviruses (coxsackievirus and echovirus). In viral meningitis, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shows a mild pleocytosis with a lymphocytic predominance, elevated protein, and normal glucose level. Nucleic acid amplification methods have greatly improved the ...
Known for
Enteroviruses | Early Initiation | Aseptic Meningitis Polymerase Chain | Quick Diagnostic Tool

Department of Internal Medicine, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, 4800 Alberta Avenue, 79905, El Paso, TX, USA

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