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      David L Chaum
      confirmation codes rsa signatures electronic cash
      Tatsuaki Okamoto
      signature schemes random oracles functional encryption
      Atsushi Fujioka
      authenticated key exchange naxos approach sufficient condition
      Kazuo Ohta
      hash functions electronic cash interactive proofs
      Kazue Kazue
      auction protocol voting scheme identity management
      Ronald Cramer
      secret sharing usepackagemathrsfs usepackageupgreek multiparty computation

      A secure anonymous internet electronic voting scheme based on the polynomial


      In this paper, we use the polynomial function and Chaum's RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) blind signature scheme to construct a secure anonymous internet electronic voting scheme. In our scheme, each vote does not need to be revealed in the tallying phase. The ballot number of each candidate gets is counted by computing the degrees of two polynomials' greatest common divisor. Our scheme does not require a special voting channel and communication can occur entirely over the current internet.

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