• Embryogenic Callus Induction
  • Embryogenic Callus Induction

    Embryogenic Callus Induction: Top KOLs in the world

    Folke Skoog #1
    Folke Skoog
    Department of Botany, Birge Hall, University of Wisconsin, M
    Known for Tobacco Callus | Plant Tissues | Transfer Rna | Bud Formation | Cytokinin Activity
    Waksman institute of Microbiology, Rutgers University, New B
    Known for Tobacco Tissue Cultures | Deciduous Behavior | Papaya Fruit | Sugar Estimation | Chromosome Complement

    Indra K Vasil #3
    Indra K Vasil
    University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-0690, USA | Uni
    Known for Pennisetum Americanum | Plant Regeneration | Guinea Grass | Somatic Embryogenesis | Pearl Millet
    Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences, Michigan
    Known for Dutch Elm Disease | Shoot Apices | Biofuel Production | Fermentable Sugars | Transgenic Plants
    Bob V Conger #5
    Bob V Conger
    Dep. Plant Sci. & Landscape Systems, 2431 Center Dr., Univer
    Known for Fission Neutrons | Suspension Cultures | Ascorbic Acid | Somatic Embryogenesis | Dactylis Glomerata
    Roberta Hawkins Smith #6
    Roberta Hawkins Smith
    Department of Horticulture, Vegetable Crops Improvement Cent
    Known for Shoot Apices | Somatic Embryogenesis | Callus Cultures | Sorghum Bicolor | Mycelial Growth
    Shyamala Bhaskaran #7
    Shyamala Bhaskaran
    Soil & Crop Sciences Department, Texas A&M University, 77843
    Known for Callus Cultures | Soluble Carbohydrates | Somatic Embryogenesis | Sorghum Bicolor | Mycelial Growth
    J W King #8
    J W King
    University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography,
    Known for Common Bermudagrass | Metsulfuron Methyl | Plant Regeneration | Somatic Embryogenesis | Molten Polystyrene
    Heng Zhong #9
    Heng Zhong
    SABRI, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA | Syngenta Biotechnol
    Known for Somatic Embryogenesis | Osmotic Stress | Creeping Bentgrass | Transgenic Plants | Shoot Apices
    F H Huang #10
    F H Huang
    Department of Electrical Engineering, National Central Unive
    Known for Fracture Toughness | Plant Regeneration | Somatic Embryogenesis | Common Bermudagrass | 20 Ghz

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