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Enlarged Tonsils

Guilleminault Guilleminault #1
Guilleminault Guilleminault
Stanford University Sleep Medicine Division, Stanford, CA 94
Known for Disordered Breathing | Blood Pressure | Nasal Cpap | Upper Airway
F Blair Simmons #2
F Blair Simmons
Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Cent
Known for Hearing Loss | Auditory Nerve | Middle Ear | Electrical Stimulation

Robert T Brouillette #3
Robert T Brouillette
Department of Pediatrics, McGill University Health Center, 1
Known for Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy | Normal Infants | Diaphragm Pacing | Cor Pulmonale
William C Dement #4
William C Dement
Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, USA. Electron
Known for Canine Narcolepsy | Narcoleptic Dogs | Pontine Reticular Formation | Heart Rate
Carl E Hunt #5
Carl E Hunt
Department of Pediatrics, Uniformed Services University, Bet
Known for Preterm Infants | Sleep Position | Newborn Infant | Birth Weight
Paul L Enright #6
Paul L Enright
Pulmonary Function Test Laboratory, Institute for Developmen
Known for Lung Function | Airway Obstruction | Daytime Sleepiness | Fev1 Fvc
Sandra Kreplick Fernbach #7
Sandra Kreplick Fernbach
Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics, Wayne State Universit
Known for Renal Pelvis | Lower Pole | Fetal Urology | Vater Association
Renata Cantisani Di Francesco #8
Renata Cantisani Di Francesco
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of São Paulo,
Known for Craniofacial Morphology | Enlarged Tonsils | Facial Pattern | Otitis Media
Ronaldo Frizzarini #9
Ronaldo Frizzarini
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, School of Medicine, Unive
Known for Excised Human Larynges | Fundamental Frequency | National Campaign | Serra Pelada
Fabio Elias Zerati #10
Fabio Elias Zerati
Division of Otolaryngology, São Paulo University Medical Sch
Known for Psammomatoid Ossifying Fibroma | Bruxism Surgery | Sudden Deafness | Lyme Disease

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Enlarged Tonsils Enlarged tonsils are a condition in which the tonsils swell and become larger than normal. The tonsils are two small, round pieces of tissue located at the...