• Epilepsia Refractaria
  • Epilepsia Refractaria

    Epilepsia Refractaria: Top KOLs in the world

    Solomon L Moshe´ #1
    Solomon L Moshe´
    Departments of Neuroscience and Pediatrics, Albert Einstein
    Known for Substantia Nigra | Infantile Spasms | Epilepsy Syndromes | Adult Rats | Status Epilepticus
    Emilio Perucca #2
    Emilio Perucca
    Department of Medicine, Austin Health, University of Melbour
    Known for Valproic Acid | Plasma Concentrations | Task Force | Epilepsy Syndromes | Antiepileptic Drugs

    Pierangelo Veggiotti #3
    Pierangelo Veggiotti
    Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, L. Sacco, Un
    Known for Scn1a Mutations | West Syndrome | Visual Function | Cognitive Impairment | Ketogenic Diet
    Anna Tagliabue #4
    Anna Tagliabue
    Human Nutrition and Eating Disorder Research Center, Departm
    Known for Energy Expenditure | Skin Temperature | Gut Microbiota | Ketogenic Diet | Body Composition
    John Freeman #5
    John Freeman
    Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, 1-511 Union Street
    Known for Community Engagement | Measurement Invariance | Academic Integrity | Meniscal Injuries | Venture Capital
    Giovanni Lanzi #6
    Giovanni Lanzi
    University of Pavia, Italy. | Dosso Verde Institute and Univ
    Known for Periventricular Leukomalacia | Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo | Periodic Syndrome | Tic Disorders | Ketogenic Diet
    Samuel Wiebe #7
    Samuel Wiebe
    Clinical Research Unit, Cumming School of Medicine, Universi
    Known for International League | Task Force | Temporal Lobe | Quality Life | Epilepsy Surgery
    Judith Helen Cross #8
    Judith Helen Cross
    Developmental Neurosciences Programme, Great Ormond Street I
    Known for Ketogenic Diet | Focal Cortical Dysplasia | Young People | Epilepsy Surgery | Dravet Syndrome
    Alexis A ARZIMANOGLOU #9
    From the Department of Human Neurosciences (E.C.I., A.M., C.
    Known for Epilepsy Surgery | Status Epilepticus | Children Adults | Alternating Hemiplegia | Rescue Medication
    Gary W Mathern #10
    Gary W Mathern
    Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, Intelle
    Known for Cerebral Hemispherectomy | Rasmussen Encephalitis | Cytomegalic Neurons | Cortical Dysplasia | Epilepsy Surgery

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