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    Esguince: Top KOLs in the world

    Jay N Hertel #1
    Jay N Hertel
    University of Virginia, Department of Kinesiology, 210 Emmet
    Known for Ankle Sprain | Lower Extremity | Balance Training | Postural Control
    Jon Karlsson #2
    Jon Karlsson
    Department for Orthopaedics, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
    Known for Acl Reconstruction | Ankle Joint | Hip Arthroscopy | Achilles Tendon | Cruciate Ligament

    1University of Connecticut | Department of Kinesiology, Univ
    Known for Chronic Ankle Instability | Resistance Exercise | Postural Control | Wells Score | Achilles Tendon
    Thomas W Kaminski #4
    Thomas W Kaminski
    Athletic Training Research Laboratory, University of Delawar
    Known for Purposeful Heading | Head Acceleration | Kinesio Tape | Joint Stiffness | Ankle Instability
    Kathryn Margaret Refshauge #5
    Kathryn Margaret Refshauge
    Sydney School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and He
    Known for Neck Pain | Breast Cancer | Ankle Sprain | Chronic Low | Proprioceptive Acuity
    Phillip A Gribble #6
    Phillip A Gribble
    Professor and ChairUniversity of Kentuckyphillip.gribble@uky
    Known for Ankle Sprain | Quadriceps Strength | Dynamic Stability | Postural Control
    Jack Crosbie #7
    Jack Crosbie
    University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | Universit
    Known for Plantar Heel Pain | Total Knee Replacement | Motor Control | Pes Cavus | Lumbar Spine
    Eamonn Delahunt #8
    Eamonn Delahunt
    Institute for Sport and Health, University College Dublin, D
    Known for Rugby Union | Groin Pain | Functional Instability | Neuromuscular Training | Ankle Joint
    Sharon Lynn Kilbreath #9
    Sharon Lynn Kilbreath
    Discipline of Physiotherapy, Sydney School of Health Science
    Known for Physical Activity | Bioimpedance Spectroscopy | Ankle Instability | Perceived Heaviness | Breast Cancer
    William Duquet #10
    William Duquet
    Department of Statistics, Faculty of Physical Education and
    Known for Aerobic Fitness | Neck Pain | Chronic Ankle Instability | Exercise Capacity | Physical Activity

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