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esophageal cancer
phase iii
undergoing esophagectomy
pyloroplasty procedure
tissue esophagus
lymph node
tumor markers

Prominent publications by Ryan Levy

KOL-Index: 2 This research study is a phase III randomized trial to study the value of the addition of a pyloroplasty procedure versus no pyloroplasty procedure during the performance of esophagectomy. Pyloroplasty is a type of pyloric drainage procedure. Detailed Description Patients selected for enrollment in this study will be adults (18-85 years of age) that have been scheduled for exploration, and ...
Known for
Addition Pyloroplasty | Performed Esophagectomy | Procedure Performance
KOL-Index: 2 The purpose of this study is to identify markers in the blood and tissue that could indicate risk factors for the development and progression of esophagus cancer. This research aims to collect medical history, blood, and tissue samples from patients who present with an esophageal disorder. Identifying genetic and behavioral risk factors involved in the development of esophageal cancer might ...
Known for
Small Piece | Genetic Hereditary | Esophageal Disorder
KOL-Index: 2 Quantum process tomography is a powerful tool for understanding quantum channels and characterizing properties of quantum devices. Inspired by recent advances using classical shadows in quantum state tomography[1], we have developed a classical shadow method, ShadowQPT, for quantum process tomography. ShadowQPT allows for the reconstruction of the Choi matrix for unitary and non-unitary ...
Known for
Classical Shadow Method | Post-Processing Techniques | Nisq-Era Hardware | Fixed-Sized Reduced Processes

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