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    KOL Index score: 7149

    In a nine year necropsy study in Western Australia, the incidence of Wernicke's encephalopathy was 2.8%. The incidence appears to be increasing. Although Wernicke's encephalopathy is a nutritional disorder, the majority of cases occur in the alcoholic population. Only 20% of the 131 cases studied had been diagnosed clinically as Wernicke's encephalopathy. This large discrepancy between numbers of cases diagnosed clinically and pathologically suggests that chronic Wernicke's ...

    Also Ranks for: Wernickes Encephalopathy |  131 cases |  early diagnosis |  alcoholic beverages |  aged wernicke
    KOL Index score: 7088

    OBJECTIVE: To determine whether clinician or hospital caseload affects mortality from colorectal cancer.

    DESIGN: Cohort study of cases ascertained between 1990 and 1994 by a region-wide colorectal cancer register.

    OUTCOME MEASURES: Mortality within a median follow up period of 54 months after diagnosis.

    RESULTS: Of the 3217 new patients registered over the period, 1512 (48%) died before 31 December 1996. Strong predictors of survival both in a logistic regression (fixed follow up) and in ...

    Also Ranks for: Survival Colorectal Cancer |  hospital caseload |  2 years |  follow studies |  31 december
    KOL Index score: 5469

    There are essentially no objective neuropathological data on brain atrophy in chronic alcoholic patients despite numerous neuroradiological studies which show a high incidence of shrinkage or atrophy. Therefore measurements were made of the intracranial volume (ICV) and brain volume (BV) in a necropsy study of 25 chronic alcoholic patients and 44 controls. The pericerebral space (PICS) was calculated according to the formula (formula; see text) The PICS will increase in patients with ...

    Also Ranks for: Brain Atrophy |  chronic alcoholic patients |  liver disease |  thiamine deficiency |  necropsy study
    KOL Index score: 4576

    We have quantified specific [3H]-ouabain binding sites in normal human lymphocytes, and have measured the changes in the numbers of those sites which occur in response to various stimuli. We have confirmed previous findings that incubation for 72 h in the presence of fetal calf serum causes an increase in [3H]-ouabain binding, and that this does not occur if the cells are incubated in fetal calf serum which has first been dialysed. During incubation of the lymphocytes for 3 days in the ...

    Also Ranks for: Ethacrynic Acid |  human lymphocytes |  lithium increase |  3houabain binding |  concentration potassium
    KOL Index score: 4566

    Nasopharyngeal teratomas are rare and are infrequently associated with extra-oral malformations. The case of a premature female infant with multiple congenital anomalies, including nasopharyngeal teratoma, Dandy-Walker malformation, diaphragmatic hernia, and congenital heart defect, is presented. This constellation of malformations does not appear to have been reported previously.

    Also Ranks for: Nasopharyngeal Teratoma |  diaphragmatic hernia |  hairy polyp |  female infant |  walker malformation
    KOL Index score: 3649

    Male rats were exposed to 10 consecutive days, 6 hr/day, to vinyl chloride vapors at an average concentration of 13,500 ppm. The exposed rats were divided into three groups of eight rats each: one group was pretreated with 3-methylcholanthrene, one group was pretreated with phenobarbital, and the third group received no treatment. Half the animals in each group were sacrificed 18 hr after the last exposure and half were sacrificed 4 days later. In a second experiment, four rats ...

    Also Ranks for: Vinyl Chloride |  rats exposed |  liver male |  p450 enzyme |  compounds animals
    KOL Index score: 3482

    A quantitative neuropathological necropsy study of the human cerebral cortex showed that the number of cortical neurones in the superior frontal cortex in chronic alcoholic patients is significantly reduced compared with that in controls matched for age and sex. The number of neurones in the motor cortex did not differ significantly between the controls and alcoholics, but in both cortical regions there was evidence that alcoholic patients had smaller (shrunken) neurones than controls. ...

    Also Ranks for: Cerebral Cortex |  cortical regions |  alcoholic patients |  brain damage |  controls studies
    KOL Index score: 3416

    During a four year peirod, 51 cases of Wernicke's encephalopathy were diagnosed at necropsy, an incidence of 1.7% of all necropsies performed at the Royal Perth Hospital and by the Perth City coroner. Only seven had been diagnosed during life. Many of the patients died suddenly and unexpectedly, apparently as a result of haemorrhagic brainstem lesions, typical of acute Wernicke's encephalopathy, since no other cause of death was found. There was a high incidence of epilepsy and four ...

    Also Ranks for: Neuropathological Study |  wernickes encephalopathy |  cerebral atrophy |  common findings |  ventricular dilatation
    KOL Index score: 3149

    Various functions of erythrocytic cation transport were studied in normotensive and hypertensive pregnancy (women with pre-eclampsia and essential hypertension). The results showed that in pregnancy there is an increase in the number of erythrocytic glycoside binding sites accompanied by a proportional increase in the active inward transport of rubidium (used as a substitute for potassium). There was no evidence of an effect of pregnancy on intraerythrocytic sodium concentrations. These ...

    Also Ranks for: Cation Transport |  eclampsia pregnancy |  erythrocytes female |  increase sodium |  humans hypertension
    KOL Index score: 1906

    Radiation oncology charts containing medical information and treatment details are the major methods of communication between the various personnel involved in delivering radiation therapy to the patient. It is paramount to good patient care for this communication to be clear, precise and accurate in detail. A regular chart audit should be a part of the quality assurance programme of every radiation oncology department. The primary aim of this study was to develop and assess an objective ...

    Also Ranks for: Radiation Oncology |  medical audit |  patient management |  quality assurance |  fifty cent


    C Harper: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which C Harper is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    year necropsy study #1
    pericerebral space pics #1
    brain atrophy icv #1
    alcoholic beverages attempt #1
    sodium pump numbers #1
    clinically wernicke #1
    cardiovascular rubidium sodium #1
    pics formula #1
    western australia wernicke #1
    alcohol encephalopathy adult #1
    incidence wernickes encephalopathy #1
    shrinkage atrophy #1
    wernicke australia #1
    pregnancy intraerythrocytic #1
    erythrocytic cation #1
    icv pics #1
    tendency intraerythrocytic #1
    bv necropsy study #1
    wernickes encephalopathy 28 #1
    alterations adaptive increase #1
    erythrocytic cation transport #1
    smaller shrunken neurones #1
    pics icv #1
    evidence alcoholic patients #1
    alcoholics cortical regions #1
    rubidium substitute #1
    prevention vitamin enrichment #1
    alcoholic population 20 #1
    large discrepancy numbers #1
    australia neuropathological study #1
    nutritional disorder majority #1
    repeated subclinical episodes #1
    brain damage alcohol #2
    aboriginal brains #2
    active transport rubidium #3
    increase erythrocytic #4
    eclampsia functions #4
    essential hypertension eclampsia #5
    encephalopathy australia #5
    benzene hydroxylase #5
    incidence wernicke #5
    cardiovascular rubidium #6
    neurons wernicke #6
    lithium ethacrynic #6
    eclampsia essential hypertension #6
    multiple dandy #6
    progressive disorder patients #6
    diagnosis wernickes encephalopathy #6
    essential hypertension alterations #7
    microsomal xylene #8

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    alzheimer disease magnetic resonance mild cognitive impairment
    Ronald Carl Petersen
    mild cognitive impairment alzheimer disease lewy bodies
    Stephen M Smith
    uk biobank functional connectivity multiple sclerosis

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    Concepts for whichC Harperhas direct influence:Brain atrophy,  Vinyl chloride,  Chronic alcoholic patients,  Nasopharyngeal teratoma,  Brain weights,  Diaphragmatic hernia,  131 cases,  Ethacrynic acid.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which C Harper has influence:Thiamine deficiency,  Wernicke encephalopathy,  Colorectal cancer,  Korsakoff syndrome,  Chronic alcoholics,  Alcohol abuse,  Brain damage.



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