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    KOL Index score: 10996

    PURPOSE: The WHO diagnostic criteria underscore the role of bone marrow (BM) morphology in distinguishing essential thrombocythemia (ET) from early/prefibrotic primary myelofibrosis (PMF). This study examined the clinical relevance of such a distinction.

    METHODS: Representatives from seven international centers of excellence for myeloproliferative neoplasms convened to create a clinicopathologic database of patients previously diagnosed as having ET (N = 1,104). Study eligibility ...

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    KOL Index score: 9667

    Essential thrombocythemia (ET) may occur in women of childbearing age. To investigate the risk of pregnancy complications, we studied 103 pregnancies that occurred in 62 women with ET. The 2-tailed Fisher exact test showed that pregnancy outcome was independent from that of a previous pregnancy. The rate of live birth was 64%, and 51% of pregnancies were uneventful. Maternal complications occurred in 9%, while fetal complications occurred in 40% of pregnancies. The Mantel-Haenszel method ...

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    KOL Index score: 8954

    By means of immunoblotting and monoclonal antibody immobilization of platelet antigens (MAIPA) we have studied the specificity of antiplatelet antibodies in patients with antiphospholipid antibodies and thrombocytopenia defined as presence of anticardiolipin IgG and a platelet count below 100 x 10(9)/l. The study group consisted of 10 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), 8 patients with primary anti-phospholipid syndrome (PAPS) and 16 patients with idiopathic ...

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    KOL Index score: 8900

    Accurate prediction of thrombosis in essential thrombocythemia (ET) provides the platform for prospective studies exploring preventive measures. Current risk stratification for thrombosis in ET is 2-tiered and considers low- and high-risk categories based on the respective absence or presence of either age > 60 years or history of thrombosis. In an international study of 891 patients with World Health Organization (WHO)-defined ET, we identified additional independent risk factors ...

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    KOL Index score: 8531

    JAK2 617V>F mutation occurs in a homozygous state in 25% to 30% of patients with polycythemia vera (PV) and 2% to 4% with essential thrombocythemia (ET). Whether homozygosity associates with distinct clinical phenotypes is still under debate. This retrospective multicenter study considered 118 JAK2 617V>F homozygous patients (104 PV, 14 ET) whose clinical characteristics were compared with those of 587 heterozygous and 257 wild-type patients. Irrespective of their clinical diagnosis, ...

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    KOL Index score: 8137

    To investigate the characteristics and clinical course of cerebral vein thrombosis (CVT) in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) we compared 48 patients with MPN and CVT (group MPN-CVT) to 87 with MPN and other venous thrombosis (group MPN-VT) and 178 with MPN and no thrombosis (group MPN-NoT) matched by sex, age at diagnosis of MPN (±5 years) and type of MPN. The study population was identified among 5,500 patients with MPN, from January 1982 to June 2013. Thrombophilia ...

    Also Ranks for: Myeloproliferative Neoplasms |  cerebral vein thrombosis |  cvt patients |  essential thrombocythemia |  mpn venous
    KOL Index score: 7895

    In an international collaborative study, a central histologic review identified 891 patients with essential thrombocythemia, strictly defined by World Health Organization criteria. After a median follow-up of 6.2 years, 109 (12%) patients experienced arterial (n = 79) or venous (n = 37) thrombosis. In multivariable analysis, predictors of arterial thrombosis included age more than 60 years (P = .03; hazard ratio [HR] = 1.7), thrombosis history (P = .003; HR = 2.1), cardiovascular risk ...

    Also Ranks for: Venous Thrombosis |  international study |  891 patients |  janus kinase |  defined essential
    KOL Index score: 7718

    Polycythemia vera (PV) is currently diagnosed by the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria regarding hemoglobin (HB) levels and JAK2V617F and related mutations or by the British Committee for Standards in Haematology (BCSH) guidelines predominantly based on hematocrit (HCT) values (>52% in men and >48% in women) in JAK2 mutated patients. We examined clinical features at diagnosis and outcome in 397 mutated PV patients showing a bone marrow (BM) morphology conforming with the WHO ...

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    KOL Index score: 7556

    Under the auspices of an International Working Group, seven centers submitted diagnostic and follow-up information on 1545 patients with World Health Organization-defined polycythemia vera (PV). At diagnosis, median age was 61 years (51% females); thrombocytosis and venous thrombosis were more frequent in women and arterial thrombosis and abnormal karyotype in men. Considering patients from the center with the most mature follow-up information (n=337 with 44% of patients followed to ...

    Also Ranks for: International Study |  abnormal karyotype |  1545 patients |  leukemic transformation |  venous thrombosis
    KOL Index score: 7125

    The presence and specificity of antiplatelet autoantibodies in 32 patients with primary and 18 patients with secondary autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura (AITP), as well as 11 nonthrombocytopenic patients with systemic autoimmune diseases, were studied. By means of the direct and indirect monoclonal antibody immobilization of platelet antigen (MAIPA) assay, antiplatelet autoantibodies were detected using monoclonal antibodies specific for platelet glycoproteins (GPs) Ib, IIb/IIIa, ...

    Also Ranks for: Autoimmune Diseases |  patients thrombocytopenia |  gps iib iiia |  platelet glycoproteins |  primary aitp
    KOL Index score: 6993

    We examined the baseline features and clinical outcomes of 140 patients presenting with JAK2V617F positivity and a bone marrow morphology conforming with WHO criteria of polycythemia vera (PV), but a hemoglobin level of <18.5 g/dL in males (range 16.0-18.4) and <16.5 g/dL in females (range 15.0-16.4). This cohort operationally referred to as masked PV (mPV) was compared with 257 patients with overt PV and displayed male predominance, a more frequent history of arterial thrombosis and ...

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    KOL Index score: 6990

    BACKGROUND: As reported by major clinical series in the literature, about 2% of patients receiving unfractionated heparin (UFH) develop immune-mediated (type II) heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) that may be complicated in 30-75% of cases by a paradoxical thrombotic syndrome (HITTS), either arterial or venous. HITTS carries relevant rates of mortality and morbidity, amongst which cerebral and/or myocardial infarction and limb amputations. It is unclear as yet why some patients ...

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    thrombocythemia 20 #1
    heterozygous v617fjak2 #1
    thrombocythemia young #1
    rna thrombocythemia #1
    adult approaches patients #1
    symptoms collateral effects #1
    adult patients mutation #1
    thrombocythemia rare #1
    erythrocytosis reveals #1
    essential thrombocytemia #1
    ifns firstline #1
    thromboses hemorrhages #1
    jak2v617f mutation patient #1
    heterozygous v617fjak2 children #1
    pv phlebotomies #1
    thrombocythemia child #1
    haematologic malignacies #1
    negative cases children #1
    ipsett #1
    thrombocythemia background #1
    male rna thrombocythemia #1
    children haematologic malignacies #1
    essential thrombocythemia children #1
    thrombosis young patients #1
    51 pv #1
    essential thrombomodulin #1
    transversion mpl codon #1
    paediatric watchandwait strategy #1
    hematocrit pv #1
    differences compelling case #1
    thrombocytosis diagnostic #1
    platelets v617fjak2 #1
    major thrombotic complication #1
    leukemialymphoma thrombosis leukemia #1
    children negative cases #1
    thrombocythemia children #1
    studies thrombocythemia #1
    clonality jak2 mutations #1
    children essential thrombocythemia #1
    primary thrombocytosis #1
    essential adolescent #1
    clinical histological picture #1
    busulfan female humans #1
    studies thrombocytosis #1
    pv diagnosed #1
    adults thrombosis #1
    mpl codon #1

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