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Exploding Head Syndrome: Top KOLs in the world

J M S Pearce #1
J M S Pearce
a Department of Neurology , Hull Royal Infirmary , East York
Known for Samuel Wilks |  Anorexia Nervosa |  Richard Bright |  Chronic Disability |  19th Century
The London Military Command; St. Bartholomew's Hospital
Known for Acknowledged Fact Annals |  Puerperal Insanity |  Mental Disorder |  Panic Fear |  Drug Addiction

E A Martin #3
E A Martin
MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Leicester, UK. | Departme
Known for Dna Damage |  Daily Administration |  Essential Thrombocythaemia |  Protein Adducts |  Oncogenic Osteomalacia
L O'Donnell #4
L O'Donnell
Global Health Initiative, Ada Health Gmbh, Berlin, Germany
Known for South Africa |  Spermiation Failure |  Myocardial Hypertrophy |  Hormone Withdrawal |  Pregnant Rat
Eva Svanborg #5
Eva Svanborg
Department of Clinical Neurophysiology and Department of Cli
Known for Sleep Apnea |  Depressive Symptoms |  Soft Palate |  Melatonin Intake |  Cpap Treatment
Charlotte Sachs #6
Charlotte Sachs
Department of Neurology, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Swe
Known for Cerebral Cortex |  Rat Iris |  Central Noradrenaline Neurons |  Monoamine Oxidase |  Adrenergic Nerves
S Weir Mitchell #7
S Weir Mitchell
Member of the National Academy of Sciences | CORRESPONDING M
Known for Bye Strain |  Locomotor Ataxia |  Optic Nerves |  Weir Mitchell |  Eighth Edition
Masanori Ichise #8
Masanori Ichise
Department of Functional Brain Imaging, Institute for Quantu
Known for Pet Imaging |  Emission Tomography |  Scatter Correction |  Serotonin Transporter |  Hmpao Spect
I Smith #9
I Smith
NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery, Heritage
Known for Lactating Mammary Gland |  Northern Ireland |  Early Breast Cancer |  Cerebro Trac |  Ambulatory Anesthesia
J David Parkes #10
J David Parkes
University College London-Institute of Education, London, UK
Known for Narcoleptic Syndrome |  Young People |  Parkinson Disease |  Physical Violence |  School Staff


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