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Both exfoliation syndrome and pigmentary dispersion syndrome can lead to secondary glaucoma. We treated five patients who had pigmentary dispersion and who subsequently developed exfoliation. In one patient who had bilateral pigment dispersion syndrome, the presence of exfoliation increased the difficulty of controlling intraocular pressure in the affected eye. In a monocular patient, exfoliation and pigmentary dispersion were concurrently present with characteristic defects of both ...

Known for Dispersion Syndrome |  Intraocular Pressure |  Exfoliation Material |  Secondary Glaucoma |  Filtering Surgery
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We performed combined trabeculectomy-cataract extraction in 37 eyes of 29 patients. Average follow-up was 23.7 months. Thirty-three (89.2%) of the 37 eyes were controlled with much improvement postoperatively. A total of 35 eyes (94.6%) were controlled postoperatively; 22 eyes (59.5%) required no medications postoperatively. No greater incidence of complications with the combined procedure from that expected with cataract extraction alone was evident, except for four flat or shallow ...

Known for Cataract Extraction |  Combined Trabeculectomy |  Visual Acuity |  Glaucoma Humans |  Postoperative Complications
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A retrospective study of 40 eyes with pseudophakia and glaucoma is presented. Consideration of pre-existing and secondary types of glaucoma is given. Complications relating to pseudophakia and glaucoma are included as well as a discussion of mechanisms. Visual function results are given and medical and surgical therapies are outlined.

Known for Cataract Extraction |  Lenses Intraocular |  Studies Glaucoma
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Known for Fluorescein Angiography |  Malignant Melanoma |  Aged Choroid |  Neoplasms Diagnosis |  Differential Female

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

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Known for Optic Nerve |  Visual Acuity |  Child Preschool |  Vision Disorders |  Retinal Vessels
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Known for Consecutive Cases |  Traumatic Hyphema |  Eye Injuries |  Visual Acuity |  Anterior Chamber
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Known for Traumatic Hyphema |  Binocular Patching |  Monocular Versus |  Visual Acuity |  Eye Injuries


William E Layden: Influence Statistics

Sample of concepts for which William E Layden is among the top experts in the world.
Concept World rank
hyphema adolescent #7
exfoliation pigment #7
bilateral pigmentary #8
combined exfoliation #13
complications combined procedure #15
bilateral pigment #17
defects iris #27
monocular versus #41
binocular patching #44
versus binocular #48
eyes controlled #48
complications trabecular #57
hyphema male #66
transillumination defects #67
syndrome pigmentary #85
hyphemas #90
malignant melanoma choroid #92

Key People For Cataract Extraction

Top KOLs in the world
Jonathan C Javitt
cataract surgery respiratory failure visual acuity
Oliver Douglas Schein
cataract surgery ulcerative keratitis united states
Walter J Stark
cataract surgery intraocular lenses visual acuity
James M Tielsch
cataract surgery rural nepal neonatal mortality
Alfred Sommer
cataract surgery field loss visual impairment
Earl P Steinberg
cataract surgery retinal detachment peripheral vascular disease

William E Layden:Expert Impact

Concepts for whichWilliam E Laydenhas direct influence:Cataract extraction,  Fluorescein angiography,  Malignant melanoma,  Dispersion syndrome,  Traumatic hyphema,  Intraocular pressure,  Optic nerve hypoplasia,  Combined trabeculectomy.

William E Layden:KOL impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which William E Layden has influence:Traumatic hyphema,  Optic nerve hypoplasia,  Aminocaproic acid,  Secondary hemorrhage,  Intraocular pressure,  Visual acuity,  Cataract extraction.



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