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Concepts for which Bhadresh Bhakta has direct influence:

facet arthropathy
radiofrequency neurolysis
neuropathic pain
lumbar rftc
phenol ablation
persistent sacroiliitis
224 retrospective

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Bhadresh Bhakta has influence:

facet arthropathy
radiofrequency neurolysis
lumbar rftc
laboratory diagnosis
excellent responses
constant position
branch location

Prominent publications by Bhadresh Bhakta

KOL-Index: 18 CONTEXT: Facet arthropathy is a common cause of spine-related pain. Typically resulting from spondylosis, trauma, including surgical trauma or post surgical stress is also a significant cause. Radiofrequency thermocoagulation or neurolysis may be an effective modality providing long-term improvement. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the success rates for radiofrequency neurolysis for facet ...
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106 Procedures | Tulsa | Surgical Stress | Single Pain
KOL-Index: 13 We evaluated the use of a new anticonvulsant, oxcarbazepine (Trileptal®, Novartis Pharmaceuticals), in 24 consecutive patients (19 females, 3 males) with neuropathic pain who were nonresponders to gabapentin (Neurontin®, Parke Davis). Oxcarbazepine was FDA‐approved in early 2000 for add‐on treatment of partial seizures in adults. It is a keto‐analog of carbamazepine that is rapidly converted ...
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Improvement Fair
KOL-Index: 11 In this article we are reporting on the use of fluoroscopy-guided 6% Phenol injections for the ablation of the sacroiliac joints (SIJs), utilizing retrospective review of case reports. We reviewed 10 patients (7 male and 3 female) who have known sacroiliitis proven by fluoroscopically guided sacroiliac joint (SIJ) injection (age ranged from 25 to 78). They all had 2 to 4 weeks of relief ...
KOL-Index: 9 In 1933, Ghormley proposed facet arthropathy as a source of chronic back pain [1]. In 1971, Bogduk demonstrated that the median branches could be easy targets for percutaneous denervation due to their relative constant position in relation to bone [2–4]. Over the last 4 years, we performed 230 radiofrequency thermocoagulation (RFTC) median branch neurolytic procedures on 148 patients with ...
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63 Cervical | Rftc Improvement | 2 Lesions | 4 3
KOL-Index: 4
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225 Open Trial
KOL-Index: 4 Over the last 3 years, we evaluated the efficacy of tizanidine (Zanaflex®, Elan Pharmaceuticals), a central alpha‐2 agonist FDA‐approved antispastic agent, in 430 patients (66% female, 34% male) with a variety of chronic pain syndromes (chronic daily headache‐6%, complex regional pain syndrome 1–6%, failed back surgery syndrome‐9%, fibromyalgia‐7%, migraine headache‐5%, myofascial pain‐27%, ...
KOL-Index: 2
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223 Retrospective

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