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    Facet: Top KOLs in the world

    Paul T Jr COSTA #1
    Paul T Jr COSTA
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke Unive
    Known for Factor Model | Age Differences | Baltimore Longitudinal Study | Depressive Symptoms | Personality Traits
    Robert R McCrae #2
    Robert R McCrae
    Gloucester, MA, USA | Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA | Glouc
    Known for Factor Model | National Sample | Age Differences | Method Biases | Personality Traits

    Gang Gang #3
    Gang Gang
    Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institut
    Known for Photocatalytic Activity | Visible Light | Thermal Stability | Water Splitting | Optical Properties
    Hui‐Ming Cheng #4
    Hui‐Ming Cheng
    Shenzhen Geim Graphene Center, Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen In
    Known for Sulfur Batteries | Chemical Vapor Deposition | Energy Storage | Graphene Oxide | Carbon Nanotubes
    David B Watson #5
    David B Watson
    University of Notre Dame, Department of Psychology. 501 N. H
    Known for Positive Affectivity | Emotional Disorders | Personality Traits | Hierarchical Taxonomy | Life Satisfaction
    Gao Qing Max Lu† #6
    Gao Qing Max Lu†
    DICP-Surrey Joint Centre for Future Materials, Department of
    Known for Activated Carbon | Pore Structure | Mesoporous Tio2 | Hydrogen Storage | Visible Light
    Zhao‐Xiong Xie #7
    Zhao‐Xiong Xie
    State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Solid Surface
    Known for Surface Structure | Underpotential Deposition | Ionic Liquid | Magnetic Properties | Ultrathin Nanosheets
    Hua Gui Yang #8
    Hua Gui Yang
    College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Central South
    Known for Hydrogen Evolution | Active Sites | Solar Cells | Water Splitting | Anatase Tio2
    Gregory T Smith #9
    Gregory T Smith
    University of Kentucky, United States. | Department of Psych
    Known for Middle School | Problem Drinking | Sexual Assault | Binge Eating | Negative Urgency
    Shi‐Zhang Qiao #10
    Shi‐Zhang Qiao
    School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, The U
    Known for Activated Carbon | Oxygen Reduction | Hydrogen Evolution | Mesoporous Silica | Water Splitting

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